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Yesterday I was gob smacked, for lack of a better word, to discover that I had received the most votes for the Fahrenheit Book Blogger Of The Week Award. Having seen some other superb book bloggers already receiving it, I was totally overwhelmed to follow in their footsteps. Huge shout out to everyone who voted for me as it really is appreciated and still can’t quite believe it 🙂 

I think the award is a fantastic idea and as I was shown lots of bookish love, I wanted to repay the love and share it with others, so, I thought I would contact Fahrenheit Press asking them to tell us a bit more about themselves as well as the idea behind the Book Blogger Of The Week Award so that people can nominate their favourite book blogs or basically just check this fab company out.

Cj9rqYIXIAAB_dzWhen we started Fahrenheit Press we…

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