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Carol Roberts

Guest post…..

I have always been fascinated by the Atlantis-myth, the story of an advanced city about 9000 years ago, that mysteriously disappeared. In more recent years, researchers, including the National Geographic Society, have taken a new look at these stories, mapping possible locations of this lost land. But to me it was more the question of why and how, that intrigued me, rather than the where and when.

I started to write Atlantis in my late twenties. It was a culmination of my travels to destinations like the Himalayas in India, and the Andes in Peru, that once were home to cultures and traditions no longer existent. As a free lance writer I was keen to dig deep into the question of why some cultures simply disappear, and the undying mystique they leave behind.

The Atlantis-myth, like the stories of other such lost civilizations, tells of a culture more knowledgeable than others, with highly developed skills, that are perceived as the cause of their own, eventual undoing. They were said to be fine-tuned to the power of energy and light, able to use it for various purposes, only to ultimately abuse it.

For me, it was the speculative nature of the myth that kept me inspired, and as a consequence Atlantis was written in many different stages over the course of several years. But still I was not satisfied, until I realized that if I wanted to find my own answer to the question, I had to look within. What could be so important for such myths to survive? Could our collective psyche try to preserve something not in our current awareness, yet lying deep within, buried beneath layers of time?

If so, then I had to look back in time, at other literature preserving knowledge as to the nature of man, and when I finally arrived at the story of creation, I could see new meaning, like a new light shining upon contexts of old. It was all there, the challenge of our own evolution exposed; the implications of polarity and the consequent outcomes of individual as well as collective destiny. It was at that point that I could finally complete Atlantis.

Atlantis cover

Many thanks for taking the time to write a guest post for Chat About Books, Carol 🙂

Here is the blurb

When Alanthea, high-priestess of Atlantis, connects to a woman in her dreams, she becomes haunted by a mystery. Compelled to trace the other woman’s life she finds coded poems that hold clues to the predicament of her people. Now she has to venture ever farther into forbidden territory to link past and present, and understand the real danger threatening Atlantis.

Arakon always thought of himself as an orphan, a loner without any real belonging. But after a strange encounter his life changes, and he is drawn into events beyond his control.

They move parallel in their search for answers until their destinies converge, and the weave unravels. Yet what they finally uncover lies deep at the heart of collective evolution, and what has been set in motion cannot be undone.

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Carol Roberts is an author and member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. She writes visionary/metaphysical genre cross fantasy. She is also a free lance writer with particular interest in cultural myth. Originally from Vienna, she has spent all of her adult life in the Far North of New Zealand. Her work took her to several different countries, where she indulged her fascination with stories, particularly those dealing with the creation of man. ‘Atlantis’ is her first full length novel; speculating on concepts of the human condition, the meaning of individual and collective destiny, and choices.


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