Over A Spitfire, The Sequel

by Sherrie Lowe 

I loved Over A Spitfire so I was extremely thankful to already have a copy of the sequel to dive into. Over A Spitfire is one of those books with characters who stay in your mind and who you might wonder about. So, this sequel is a perfect follow on. It is novella length and must only be read if you have already read Over A Spitfire first, otherwise it will completely spoil the story for you. It is a catch up with the characters, like meeting up with old friends and finding out what they have been up to since you last met. I loved it.

I can’t say much else really without giving anything away, but I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting Ava and seeing how her story progressed. It is full of fascinating discoveries, emotion, and heart-warming moments. The last four lines brought a tear to my eye.

If you haven’t read Over A Spitfire yet, you will find my review (including purchase details) here….

happy reading!

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