Published (Kindle edition) – 1st April 2016.

Publisher – Blackbird Digital Books


When the publisher contacted me via Twitter regarding an ARC of this novella, I was more than intrigued to give it a go. I don’t often read Novellas, but I certainly will in future.

Homecoming is a beautifully written love story with a difference. One I’m sure would have held my interest just as easily had it been written as full length novel.

Rosie loves Tom, she always has and always will. All she’s ever wanted is to know he loves her too. I can’t say too much without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it yet, but this is such a touching story which I’m sure will be enjoyed by all who read it. A story which will certainly stay with me.

I will be adding Tanya Bullock’s other books to my TBR list.

Many thanks to Blackbird Digital Books for my ARC.

You can pre-order the Kindle edition of Homecoming HERE

The paperback edition of Homecoming was released on 26th November 2015. You can purchase a paperback copy HERE

Book description:

All that mattered to Rosie, all that had ever really mattered, was that she loved Tom and he loved her

Rosie and Tom belong together.
For too long, war and its devastating aftermath have kept them apart.
Now that Tom has finally returned home, Rosie hopes that they will be able to put the past behind them.
But when a mysterious sequence of events unfolds, their love is put to the test once more.
With a shocking secret hanging heavily over their relationship…
With circumstances conspiring against them at every turn…
Rosie and Tom find themselves caught up in the biggest battle of their lives.
Will their demons ultimately consume them?
Or will love conquer all in the end?


‘One of the most touching romantic tales I’ve read in a long time … a wonderful surprise; a twist on a well-loved genre that will delight and tug at the heart strings.’ — Shelley Wilson, Author

‘Homecoming…is unique which is truly difficult to find in modern fiction … For originality and excellent character development and for living up to the hype, I rate this novella as 5 out of 5 stars.’ — Amie Gaudet, Amie’s Book Reviews

‘Love weaves through it in colourful strands, radiating out from the funny, plucky heroine to those around her … A beautiful and satisfying read.’ — Sandra Peachey, Author

‘This author has a real gift for word craft. Homecoming is a uniquely told love story … a lovely, lovely read.’ — T.S Harvey, Author

‘A novella that falls far from the mainstream love stories we find ourselves consuming these days. Being someone who truly appreciates beautiful writing, it wasn’t hard for me to complete this book in one sitting.’ — Nihaad Gamieldien, Read and Seek

‘Just read the book until it reaches your heart … every page you turn, there is something new but very unusual.’ — Laura Prime

‘This is the type of story that makes you feel a certain way after you read it. For me, it was a bittersweet longing … a lovely story told in an interesting way.’ — Kerrie Irish

About the Author

Tanya Bullock is a college lecturer, writer and award-winning filmmaker. She lives in the West Midlands with her husband and two young children. She has a passion for foreign culture and languages (inherited from her French mother) and, in her youth, travelled extensively throughout Australia, America, Asia and Europe. As a filmmaker, she has gained local recognition, including funding and regional television broadcast, through ITV’s First Cut scheme; two nominations for a Royal Television Society Midlands Award, and, in 2010, a Royal Television Society Award in the category of best promotional film. In 2008, she directed a short drama, Second Honeymoon, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. On maternity leave in 2011 and in need of a creative outlet, Tanya began to write That Special Someone, the story of a mother’s quest to help her learning-disabled daughter find love. It is her first novel.

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