Published 24th December 2013


I have to start by saying that I generally don’t read fantasy/Sci-Fi novels, but having met Sharon Sant at an author/blogger meet up I, naturally, added all of her books to my TBR list!

I decided to start with Sky Song (The Sky Song Trilogy Book 1) and I have really enjoyed it. It’s pure escapism.

Jacob isn’t like other 15 year old boys, but he has no idea why. He has no idea of the danger he’s been in all his life and no idea of who he really is until he is faced with the truth and an uncertain future. He must fight to protect himself and those he loves, but will his plan work out?

This is a brilliant start to a Trilogy and I will be bumping Book 2 up my TBR list to find out where Jacob’s journey takes him.

Considering this is a book completely out of my comfort zone I found it very easy to read. There are some wonderful descriptions which really give you a feel for the characters and their emotions. Lovely writing!

I will be encouraging my teenagers to read this as I think they will really enjoy it too.

You can purchase your copy of Sky Song (The Sky Song Trilogy Book 1) HERE (It is currently free on Kindle as I publish this post, 5th April 2016.)



A strange-eyed boy with no memory of his true identity or real parents, Jacob could have no idea of the mortal danger he has been in every day of his fifteen years. Now that danger has found him and suddenly he doesn’t know who he can trust and what is real anymore. All he knows is that his new identity is almost as terrifying as the peril unleashing it has brought. Caught in the universal power struggle of an ancient race of beings and a destiny demanded of him that he does not want, he must fight to protect his own life and everyone he holds dear. But when the time comes, will he be strong enough to make the sacrifices that saving them will demand?

Sky Song is the first book of the Sky Song trilogy

‘…clear some space from my shelf of favourites; this book just made it.’ Anahera Reads.
‘Sky Song is a beautifully written novel…’ Parenting Without Tears.
‘I was completely hooked until the very end.’ Victoria Loves Books.

The Young Moon (book two of the Sky Song Trilogy)
Not of Our Sky (book three of the Sky Song Trilogy)
The Memory Game
Dead Girl Walking

About the author:

Sharon Sant was born in Dorset but now lives in Stoke-on-Trent. Aged eight she wrote a poem about ET, which received the ultimate praise of being pinned onto the classroom wall, and from that moment on she knew she’d never stop writing. She graduated from Staffordshire University in 2009 with a degree in English and creative writing. She currently works part time as a freelance editor and continues to write her own stories. An avid reader with eclectic tastes across many genres, when not busy trying in vain to be a domestic goddess, she can often be found lurking in local coffee shops with her head in a book. Sometimes she pretends to be clever but really loves nothing more than watching geeky TV and eating Pringles.

Young adult novels Sky Song, The Young Moon and Not of Our Sky (the Sky Song trilogy), The Memory Game and Runners were all released in 2013 to glowing reviews. Dead Girl Walking followed in 2015 and she has a new trilogy planned for 2016, the first book of which, Storm Child, is due for release in April.

Sharon also writes children’s fiction under the name of Summer Hopkiss.

To find out more you can follow her on twitter where she’s always happy to chat: @sharonsant or find her on facebook. You can also go to her website:

You can visit Sharon’s Amazon author page HERE

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