Scarlett Moffatt

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I don’t read many autobiographies (I should read more), but I couldn’t resist this one as I think Scarlett Moffatt is such a lovely character. I have to admit, I haven’t watched much of Gogglebox, but I did really warm to her when she was on I’m A Celebrity. I absolutely love that programme! I love Ant & Dec and the contestants amaze me every year as there is no way you would get me out there with them spiders or eating gross things!! Scarlett was a very deserving winner.

I’ve seen a few comments such as ‘how can a 20 odd year old have enough life experience to write an autobiography?’ and I must admit I did wonder myself, but Scarlett proves that you don’t need to be 80 to have led an interesting life already. Sofa, So Good! Me Life Story is a heart-warming, honest, modest, inspirational and totally hilarious life story (so far!). I have laughed so much throughout. I could hear Scarlett’s voice in my head as though we were sat having a coffee whilst she told me her stories.

I’m in awe of Scarlett’s strength and determination not to let bullies, health and anxiety problems stand in the way of her dreams. I had no idea she had been through such difficult times. It just goes to prove that we should always be kind as we never know what someone might be going through.

I have given this book to my 15 year old daughter to read as I think she will relate and I know she will be inspired.

Even if you know nothing about Scarlett Moffatt already, you will love her after reading this book.

I love how close Scarlett and her family are as it reminds me of me and mine. We’re all a bit daft and love nothing more than just spending time together. I can’t relate to being an only child for 15 years before my sister arrived though!

I also loved the random facts at the beginning of each chapter. Brilliant!

Absolutely loved it from the first page to last and highly recommend to everyone!

Many thanks to the publisher for my exclusive bloggers edition.

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