Today I have the pleasure of bringing Song Castle to your attention as part of Luke Waterson’s blog tour with Love Books Group 🙂

Song Castle cover


In a land rocked by conflict, one man desires to be remembered for something truly remarkable…

Wales, 1176: in a rain-drenched outpost of Christendom, the great lord of a newly built castle is throwing a party, the like of which has never been seen before. It will be a contest of song, of poetry and music, open to all comers. And now all are coming. 

The festival is attracting a strange assortment of characters from across the known world. From the celebrated French troubadour suffering from writer’s block to the Persian perfumer-poet claiming to have written the most beautiful words ever committed to parchment, all are descending on the castle of a man whose motives run far deeper than that of benevolent host. 

Attempting to hold his own against such supreme talent is hopeful young songster Avery, a newcomer to the cutthroat world of bardism and susceptible to its intrigues. But the contest can only take place if the contestants survive the journey, which – on the perilous roads of Wales – is far from certain. 

Luke Waterson’s compelling novel weaves the tales of the charismatic players of the very first Eisteddfod, still Europe’s largest competitive festival of poetry and music to this day.

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About the author…..

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Luke Waterson

Raised in rural Somerset, Novelist and Travel Writer Luke Waterson developed a penchant for travelling at an early age and, following completion of an English Literature and Creative Writing degree at the University of East Anglia, duly set forth to travel the world. He has developed a particular passion for the Americas (he’s travelled across the lot of them extensively – north, central and south) and for Eastern Europe (he’s lived in Slovakia for four years) but has never lost his love for getting lost within the rolling, damp green British countryside on a hike ideally incorporating a country pub or three.

Luke’s first novel, “Roebuck – Tales of an Admirable Adventurer” – a swashbuckling adventure set amidst the Amazon rain-forest of the 16th century – was published in December 2015. His second novel “Song Castle” follows the traumatic travels of a group of bards undertaking the dangerous journey to perform at a festival of song in 12th century Wales, due to be published in April 2018. He also writes for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, the Telegraph, the Independent, BBC Travel and a clutch of in-flight magazines including N by Norwegian and Morning Calm by Korean Air.

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