Toxic Triangles

Toxic Triangles

(DCI Christopher Timothy Book 7)

Alison Lingwood

(Review written 04th May 2020)

Toxic Triangles is another excellent read in the DCI Christopher Timothy series. If you haven’t read any of this series as yet, then you really are missing out.

It has been lovely catching up with Chris, his team and his family again although sad to see tensions and unhappiness within the Timothy household. I can only imagine what it must be like to be married to a police officer. I am married to a soldier (now Veteran) so I guess the fears and frustrations must be similar in some ways. I can understand and sympathise with both the wife and the husband. I love the personal aspects of these stories.

DCI Timothy and his team truly have their work cut out for them this time. They are called to a hit and run incident in a quiet residential street in Newcastle-under-Lyme (my hometown so I know exactly where this happened!). An old man has quite horrifically been knocked over, reversed back over and run over again. Amazingly he isn’t dead at the scene, but things aren’t looking good, not surprisingly. What possible motive could anyone have for such a coldblooded attack on an elderly gentleman?

This investigation is so full of twists and turns I was as baffled as the team, but absolutely immersed in their attempt to solve this mystery. Throughout the course of the investigation we come across all sorts of interesting characters and it reveals obvious tensions within the victim’s family unit. Grown up children who have never accepted the new woman in their father’s life, despite their parents being separated long before she came on the scene! I’ve known ‘kids’ be like that within my own family.

Who would likely benefit most from this father’s death?

Honestly, I started to suspect everyone. His children and ex-wife aren’t very likeable people and his partner comes off as being quite cold about the situation at times which I found quite sad, but then she does seem to have put up with a lot from his family over the years.

When another member of the family is found murdered there is no way it could just be a coincidence. What on earth is going on with this family to justify such a waste of precious lives?

I thoroughly enjoyed the fight for the truth and what a conclusion! I did not see that coming!!

Brilliantly written, as I expected it would be by Alison Lingwood.

All the stars from me!

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On the afternoon of 15th July 2018 sport, firstly tennis and then football, dominated the television coverage and millions of fans stayed indoors on one of the hottest days for years.A hit-and-run incident in a quiet residential road in Newcastle under Lyme was witnessed only by a small boy, and the police investigation made little progress until, in nearby Stoke on Trent, the murder of a young woman raised new questions. Was somebody trying to annihilate the whole family and, if so, why?

New to this series?

Start here with Book 1 –

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