Old Enough to Know Better

By Jane Wenham-Jones

Old Enough to Know Better is OUT TODAY and if you fancy a lovely light read, with a fascinating bunch of characters, then look no further. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I can’t say I really related to any of the characters as my husband is only three years older than me, but I do think age is just a number and many couples with big age gaps have very happy marriages. I’m sure it must feel difficult at times in the later years of the older partner’s life though when the younger partner isn’t ready to just exist at home for the rest of their days. Clare and Anna both have older husbands, and both love them dearly, but they are starting to struggle a bit and are finding themselves in an increasingly low mood. I did feel for them both. I loved Anna’s husband though, he’s such a sweetheart. Clare’s not so much! I really didn’t warm to Ellie either (Clare’s daughter). She’s a Daddies girl and is really quite awful to her Mum at times which I found quite sad. She’s quite immature and I was surprised she had managed to find herself a successful older boyfriend, especially one closer to her mother’s age. I was very keen to find out how that would all work out!

I really enjoyed the relationships and friendships throughout this book. Every character adds depth and, in many cases, warmth to the story.

I loved the emotion, the drama, and the laughs.

I very much recommend.

**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**

buy now!

happy reading!

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