Freecycling for Beginners

by Misha Herwin 

I have always enjoyed Misha Herwin’s writing so I was very much looking forward to getting stuck in to Freecycling for Beginners. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Misha Herwin has a way of drawing you in. She knows how to write characters a reader will love and a story that stays with you long after you have finished reading.

This is such a heart warming read it was easy to lose myself between the pages and immerse myself in the lives of these random strangers who find themselves becoming so much more to each other just by showing a little bit of kindness and support. How lovely to think there are people in the real world just like those in this book. I’m lucky to know a few!

There are so many lovely characters throughout this book, all with very different lifestyles, different worries and struggles but each find a way of helping another out without the need for payment or thanks. It really does restore your faith in humanity. There are many decent people in this world. We often forget as there tends to be too much focus on the negative these days. This story is the perfect reminder of the power of human kindness.

I loved it!

**Many thanks to Misha Herwin for my review copy and to Rachel Gilbey for my spot on the blog tour**

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happy reading 🙂

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