Even the littlest lies can have the biggest consequences…

On the night of her mother’s wake, only one thing brings Ruby comfort; the knowledge that her mother’s killer is safely behind bars. But guilt is eating away at fragile younger sister Sophie, who brought their mother’s killer into their lives.

This is why Ruby is glad that Sophie is with her supportive boyfriend Ewan, despite Ruby’s doubts about him. He’s been Sophie’s rock, not only taking care of her, but her little kids, too. So what if he doesn’t like talking about his past?

But when news of another woman’s murder spreads through their town like wildfire, Ruby is shocked to find herself with reason to suspect Ewan of the crime. And with one good lie driving a wedge between the sisters, it’s hard for Ruby to get Sophie to see what she sees. Ewan is keeping dangerous secrets. But he’s not the only person close to home who has something shocking to hide…

A gripping and unputdownable thriller that will keep you reading into the early hours of the morning.

One Good Lie

by Jane Isaac

My review

One Good Lie is a brilliant psychological thriller. It’s quite a chilling read. One which made me wonder about everyone at one point or another.

The story centres around sisters, Ruby and Sophie, whose mother has recently been murdered. Sophie is a more fragile character and Ruby worries about her but takes comfort in the support she receives from her boyfriend, Ewan. He’s a comforting presence and is good with Sophie’s small children too.

However, on the night of their mother’s wake another woman is found murdered. It’s difficult to shake the feeling that the two murders may well be connected. Their mother’s murderer is behind bars though so none of it makes any sense.

I found myself becoming very suspicious of Ewan, especially when he begins to try to drive a wedge between the sisters. I found Sophie’s willingness to believe Ewan over her sister quite believable and my heart went out to Ruby. These situations can be so frustrating for those on the outside and this certainly added more tension to the story.

I also found myself becoming suspicious of certain other characters, but I don’t really know why. Just an underlying feeling I had as the story progressed. I couldn’t wait to find out how it was all going to pan out. I could never have imagined the turn the story was going to take!!


I highly recommend!

Treat yourself

Happy reading! 🙂

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