Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers by Daniel Thompson @AuthorDThompson #BookReview

Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers

Written by Daniel Thompson

Illustrated by Connor Edwards

(Review written on 12th September 2020)

Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers is a stunning book!

This didn’t surprise me at all as I have read, and LOVED, both The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale and The Humundo Sorterium by Daniel Thompson. He is a very talented poet and children’s book author. I knew I was in for a treat when Daniel offered me the chance to read an advance copy of Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers and it is just brilliant!

The aim of the book is “to introduce children to philosophy and critical thinking as well as to encourage self-confidence and self-love.” It most certainly achieves that in my opinion. I think this book should be in every child’s permanent collection. A book which they can read again and again, to reinforce what is really important in this life. I wish I could have read this to my children when they were little, but I think we can all learn from these lovely little poems whatever age we are.

I’ve been trying the think which poem is my favourite, but I honestly can’t choose. They are all fun yet carry a powerful message for all.

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers and big thinkers alike!

Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. I highly recommend!

Many thanks to Daniel Thompson for my digital review copy.


You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger!

It is not the job of a parent to pick their child up when they fall, it is their job to teach their child how to get up for themselves. Just as it is not a parent’s job to teach their child what to think but rather how to think, how to question the daily interactions and encounters of the life they have ahead of them and how to value the morality within those interactions.

This book is my attempt to encourage children towards a lifelong journey of critical thinking and sow the seeds of wider philosophical principals to the next generation of big thinkers. This book deals with the principles of self-esteem self-respect, racial and religious tolerance, success, love, friendship and many more values and virtue that a well rounded forward thinker may wish to consider.

We live in a world where we often hold ourselves to other people’s standards. Be it beauty, success, happiness or wealth, we tend to look outwardly for confirmation of our achievements and we forget to question why we do things that way at all. It is my hope to illuminate the possibility that perhaps we have what we need to feel successful or beautiful or happy within ourselves already and it is only our perception of those things that we need to change.

Keep asking questions,
Keep wondering why.
And remember to always THINK BIG!

This book is intended to introduce children to philosophy and critical thinking as well as to encourage self-confidence and self-love. It also serves as a fun way to begin conversations between children and adults on some of life’s bigger questions.

I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy the book.

From the Back Cover

The brain is a magical, marvelous thing,
And though it looks small there is plenty,
Of room for a lifetime of wondrous thoughts,
So please, don’t just leave it half empty.

Fill it with puzzling and pondering and pressing,
And questions and quandaries and queries.
Fill it with laughter and learning and love,
Theological thinking and theories.

Question your reasons, imagine ideas,
Make knowledge your business to know.
With every new sort of wondrous thought,
Your brains will continue to grow.

This book’s not instructions on how you should live,
Or a rule book of what you must do.
It’s just a few thoughts for you to explore,
To help form your own point of view.

So read it with caution, don’t take it as fact.
Then ask yourself, do I agree?
Put it back on your shelf, then decide for yourself,
What kind of you, YOU want to be.

Pre-order now….


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Island of Fear (The Adventures of Letty Parker Book 3) by Misha Herwin @MishaHerwin #BookReview

Island of Fear

The Adventures of Letty Parker, Book 3

Misha Herwin

Penkhull Press

Having read, and LOVED, books one and two in this series (City of Secrets and Bridge of Lies) I was very much looking forward to catching up with Letty Parker, and her friends, again in Island of Fear. This book is another thoroughly enjoyable addition to this excellent series.

In Island of Fear Letty finds herself in a race against time to solve a family mystery for one of her closest friends. She is as determined as always to succeed and shows no fear even when faced with numerous dangers. She really is a force to be reckoned with and is an amazing character. She is fiercely loyal despite being let down by others herself. Her own mother is even too busy being famous to care for her. This understandably gets Letty down occasionally, but not for long. She doesn’t need looking after. She is too busy being focused on the task ahead and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

This story is full of action, adventure, magic and mystery as well as many fascinating characters. I can’t imagine anyone not loving it. It’s aimed at 9–12 year olds but will appeal to adults and children alike. Younger children will enjoy having it read to them, more confident readers will devour it I’m sure, and adults will enjoy the adventures equally as much. I know I have and I’m 42!

All the stars from me!

Many thanks to Misha Herwin for my review copy.


happy reading! 🙂

#FlashbackFriday September 2020 #BookReviews

Hi, and welcome to my Flashback Friday feature 🙂

On the first Friday of each month I like to have a little look back at what I was reading during the same month in previous years, since starting my blog.

Please do join in, I’d love to see your posts.

Here are my reviews from September 2019….

And that seems to be it for September 2019! There were lots of lovely author interviews that month also, though, if you fancy checking any of those out.


Only Human by Diane Chandler @Dchandlerauthor #BlogTour #BookReview @Blackbird_Bks

Only Human

Diane Chandler

Blackbird Books

(Review written on 2nd September 2020)

WOW! Diane Chandler knows how to tell a story!

Having read and LOVED Moondance back in October 2016 (I got very emotionally involved with certain characters in that book and it stays with me to this day) I was very excited to discover that Only Human was on it’s way and over the moon to have the pleasure of reading an advance copy. BIG thanks to Diane Chandler and Blackbird Books.

Only Human starts as it intends to go on, with an emotional punch. I almost felt winded!

Imagine you’re out shopping and see your husband, of almost 20 years, kissing another woman. This is exactly what happens to 45-year-old Anna Bond. She confronts Ollie and discovers he’s been having an affair for five months!! She had not had the faintest clue. She thought their little family unit was ticking along nicely apart the typical issues with having a 15-year-old daughter (Sophie). I mean, we can all take things for granted, but honestly, I would be devastated if it were me. I’d like to say that Steve would be out on his ear immediately, but I don’t really know how I would react to be honest. I wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of him being elsewhere doing goodness knows what with goodness knows who, but I don’t think I’d want to be with him anymore either. It’s a difficult situation for anyone to find themselves in. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t take the path that Anna decides on though.

There is so much going on throughout this novel. It is truly intense. I will probably ramble, so I apologise in advance. I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read this yet though.

I was completed immersed in the life of this family. I’m not sure I liked Anna to be begin with, but she definitely grew on me throughout the story, especially when we were introduced to Fred. He is such a lovely character and I loved the relationship they developed.

I can’t say I warmed to Ollie at all.

Or Scar.

Sophie is a fairly typical teenage girl. I found her relationship with her mother quite relatable, although I haven’t had to deal with any cheating boyfriends as yet. I think Jack is probably quite typical of a boy of his age too. The whole Sophie, Jack, Anna and Ollie dynamic is quite fascinating though. I totally did not imagine for one second how that would all pan out!

This book is made up of multiple complicated relationships intertwined to create the most captivating of family dramas. A marriage on the brink, a teenage daughter’s first boyfriend and the heartache that that brings, a wife’s need to re-invent herself, a female friendship which is not immune to deceit either and a beautiful, lifechanging, new friendship with an 87 year old gentleman (and his dog).

Only Human is a story so full of secrets, lies and powerful heart-wrenching emotion. I was almost exhausted by the end of it. Beautiful, seemingly effortless storytelling. I absolutely adored it and can’t recommend it highly enough!

I have a feeling the Bond family (as well as Fred and Dougal) will stay in my thoughts for a long time to come. Everyone needs to read this book. I promise you won’t regret it if you do!

An easy five stars for me.

Many thanks to Diane Chandler for my beautiful, signed paperback copy also. It has taken pride of place on my bookshelf next to my signed copy of Moondance 😊

Pre-order now!

And don’t just take my word for it….

‘Just wonderful – absolutely without question one of my books of the year.’ Being Anne, Romantic Novelists’ Association Media Star of the Year 2019

WOW! So much going on, so many shocks! I really could not put it down.’ Susie Kelly

Every betrayal has a consequence… one family… one summer… one woman

The Bonds are, seemingly, a tight family unit, until one fateful summer when the temptations of lust and love come for them all

Tiger mum Anna, who gave up her career to build the perfect home life in London’s leafy Chiswick, is shocked to the core when she discovers that her husband of 20 years is having an affair.

Her daughter meanwhile is transforming into a tricky teen chopping at the apron strings.

Then Jack walks into their lives. Sophie’s first boyfriend is a breath of fresh air for the whole family, and Anna gradually discovers new purpose for herself.

But when more deceit creeps in, tensions soar, and Anna is propelled through a tangled web of secrets and lies towards a devastating climax.

This tale of love & betrayal, by the winner of the 2016 People’s Book Prize for Fiction and longlisted for The Guardian Not The Booker Prize 2020, is the perfect novel for you if you enjoy intelligent, elegantly-written, novels by authors like Jodi Picoult and Louise Doughty.

‘A stunning family drama that many people will relate to and others will hope to never encounter.’ Netgalley advance reviewer

‘Beautifully-written with intrigue, genuine emotions and family life dealing with friends, fidelity and secrets, this story was outstanding.’ Netgalley

‘Kept me fascinated throughout. I can’t recommend it enough!‘ Netgalley advance reader

‘A wonderful and sometimes very raw story of infidelity, lies, lust, pain, love, deceit, callousness, gentleness, caring and self-discovery.’ Goodreads

‘I’m not surprised at all that Only Human has made the long list for the NotTheBooker prize. I adored this fabulously written book from the very first page.’ Goodreads

‘Diane Chandler is one fearless storyteller.’ Goodreads

‘Captures your intrigue and emotions.’ Goodreads

‘A moving analysis of what it is to grow a little bit older as a parent, woman, spouse, friend, daughter.’ Goodreads

About the author….

Diane Chandler was a political lobbyist in Brussels and then worked at the European Commission for several years, where she managed overseas aid programmes in Ukraine just after the fall of communism. Back in London, she joined the Department for International Development (DFID) on the Ukraine and then Africa desks. Her first novel, The Road to Donetsk, draws on her experience of managing overseas aid programmes, and won the People’s Book Prize. Her second, Moondance, tackles the emotional impact of IVF fertility treatment on a loving couple. Only Human, her third novel, is about a woman struggling to find meaning in life after her husband cheats on her and her only daughter is about to fly the nest. Published 8th September 2020. Diane co-runs Creative Writing Workshops London with Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Digital Books, and also coaches aspiring writers. She is the host of chiswickbuzz TV Book Club, Words with Wine in W4.


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Island of Fear (The Adventures of Letty Parker Book 3) by @MishaHerwin #PublicationDay #BookPromo

Happy Publication Day, Misha Herwin!

When Letty Parker is asked by her best friend, Hepzibah, to solve a family mystery she willingly agrees. She has no idea that investigations will lead the Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency team across the high seas to the exotic isles of the Caribbean.

Letty, Jeb and Mango, are soon fighting for their very lives in a world where pirates rule the seas, evil plantation managers hold the land, and the forests are filled with duppies and dark magic.

Advance reader review –

“The Adventures of Letty Parker Book 3.
A fantasy adventure series for children, aimed at 9-12yr olds.
A fabulous mystery involving Letty, Jeb and Mango and some pirates. Set in Bristol and on the choppy seas to the Caribbean. A whole host of dark and scary creatures including a bear, monsters, dragons and gargoyles. And watch out for those eels!
A fast moving tale that parents and kids alike will enjoy. Maybe one to read along with your child.”


Happy Reading! 🙂



Well, as it’s now the 2nd September I thought I would do a little update post on my 20 Books of Summer 20 challenge.

I failed miserably and only managed 12! I have read two other books which weren’t on my list though (review requests received after I’d compiled my list). Where did that three months go!??

Here are the books I have read….

How did you do?

Here is the link to my sign up post….

I will endeavour to read the remaining eight books on that list asap!

If you have a 20BooksofSummer20 challenge roundup post feel free to share it in the comments in case I miss it elsewhere.

happy reading! 🙂

Coming Home to Hope Street: An uplifting story of new beginnings, love and hope (The Hope Street Series Book 2) by Marcie Steele @writermels #CoverReveal @BOTBSPublicity

Step across the cobblestones, pull back the curtains and peek behind the doors in the second instalment of The Hope Street Series. Catch up with old friends and fall in love with new ones in a story of friendship, second chances and new beginnings. 

Livvy has no choice but to return to Hope Street, the childhood home she left over twenty years ago. Along with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Pip, she turns up on the doorstep, hoping for forgiveness from her sister.

Hannah thought she’d never see Livvy again. She’s overwhelmed with emotion but locks away her real feelings. How could Livvy stay away without any contact? And why has she come back now?

It isn’t long before the charm of the market town of Somerley begins to work its magic. Hannah is opening a book shop in the square, adjoining The Coffee Stop, and Livvy’s offer to help out brings the sisters closer together.

But when someone from Livvy’s past arrives unannounced too, he threatens everything she’s built up since her return. Can Livvy convince her sister, and her new friends, that her intentions to return were good ones? Or will her dreams of settling down and being happy again become nothing but a closed book?  

Check this out!

How gorgeous is that!?

Pre-order now….

Marcie Steele is the pen name of Mel Sherratt. For as long as she can remember, she’s been a meddler of words. Born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, she’s a romantic at heart and has always enjoyed writing about characters that fall in and out of love, have good friends to hang around with, and live in communities with great spirit. 

She can often be found sitting in her favourite coffee shop, sipping a cappuccino and eating a chocolate chip cookie, either catching up with friends or writing on her laptop. Whether she writes crime or women’s fiction, she loves making up things for a living.

You can find more about Marcie Steele on Mel Sherratt’s website  at Twitter: and at Facebook


Familiar by T.J. Blake @TJBlake93 @freshly_press @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

For the living, it’s closure. For the departed, it’s the last chance to expose the truth.

For as long as she can remember, Arabella has communicated with those who exist only in memory.

Being the centre of attention growing up was uncomfortable, and now, as a renowned psychic medium, it is becoming more of a struggle. Arabella’s ability and reputation always made it impossible to hold onto lasting relationships, but with those who no longer walk this earth, that’s not the case.

Arabella returns to where it all began fifteen-years before – on the very same stage. After an evening reconnecting loved ones and exposing untold stories, Arabella can’t help but wonder about the one unclaimed ‘friend’, and their cryptic message.

In an unexpected turn of events, Arabella finds herself the subject of morning headlines and at the centre of Detective Barnes’ investigation.

Can Arabella use her ability to prove her innocence and uncover the truth about the past?

Author Bio….

Living in Surrey, UK, some say that T. J. Blake has many split personalities – by day he’s a content marketing specialist, by night he could be any one of his deceptively complex characters.

His latest persona is Arabella, a psychic medium in “Familiar”. 

He has a BA with Honours from  Kingston University in Creative Writing with English Language & Communications and is author of the five-star psychological thriller, ‘DECEPTION – A Love of Lies’.

Buy Link

Summer on a Sunny Island by Sue Moorcroft @SueMoorcroft @AvonBooksUK #BookReview #20BooksofSummer20 #12

Summer on a Sunny Island

Sue Moorcroft

(Review written on 25th August 2020)

I know I am VERY late to the party as this is the first book I’ve read by Sue Moorcroft but it certainly won’t be the last!

Rosa is a very likeable character who has recently split up with long term partner, Marcus. Her mother, Dory, convinces her to join her in Malta for the summer to get away from it all and to contemplate her future. It will be part holiday, part working freelance for her mother who is a chef and food writer. She is in Malta to research for a new recipe collection. Rosa helps with the social media side of things and they have some good fun together as well as enjoying some fabulous food along the way. They have a lovely relationship and I enjoyed this aspect of the story.

Dory is determined for Rosa to have some fun too and wastes no time in steering her in Zach’s direction.

Zach is another very likeable character who seems quite self-assured initially, but we soon learn of his insecurities.

The chemistry between Zach and Rosa is quickly evident and it isn’t long before they become involved romantically. However, nothing is ever straight forward (as is often the case in real life). Rosa is faced with financial issues due to Marcus’ gambling. Zach is involved with helping a teenager get out of the potentially dangerous situation he’s got himself into as well as helping to offer support to his sisters and mother who are dealing with their own problems. His father also turns up and throws a spanner in the works. It seems like an impossible situation, but thankfully true love will always find a way!

I absolutely LOVED the setting of this book. Malta sounds amazing. It isn’t somewhere I’ve ever been, but it’s described so beautifully throughout this book I could almost imagine myself there. I could quite happily lounge on a sunny balcony with a book and chilled glass of wine. Especially considering as I write this on an August evening which is dull, wet and blowing a gale here in Staffordshire!

I loved the family relationships in this book. Very real people with real and relatable lives.

I loved Paige and her ‘Shnorkelling’!

I loved the characters’ willingness to take the risk on a happier, more fulfilled, life especially when opportunities are presented to them which are much too good to turn down. Not everyone has that luxury. We have to grab every opportunity for happiness in this life, but it’s often easier to stick with what we know. Change is scary after all!

Above all else I loved the romance! Who doesn’t love a happy ending!??

A lovely, uplifting story with its fair share of drama. I very much recommend!

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via Netgalley.

happy reading! 🙂