Bamburgh: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 19) by LJ Ross #BookReview



When a cantankerous old woman dies at her home in the sleepy, picturesque village of Bamburgh, DCI Ryan doesn’t think much of it—except, that is, for the small matter of it having been his wife who happened to find her body. Then another body turns up amongst the sand dunes at the base of the mighty castle fortress, and he decides it can’t be a coincidence…

Meanwhile, after a recent revelation about her sister, DC Melanie Yates’ quest to avenge her death is becoming an obsession—much to the concern of those around her. With a new DCS to contend with and hundreds of cold case files to sift through, the chances of uncovering a dormant killer seem unlikely. But as Melanie delves deeper into the secrets of the past to uncover the truth, she soon realises it lies much closer to home…

Murder and mystery are peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunnit, set amidst the spectacular Northumbrian landscape.

“LJ Ross keeps company with the best mystery writers” – The Times

“A literary phenomenon” – Evening Chronicle

Bamburgh: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 19) 

by LJ Ross 

My review

Bamburgh is another excellent read in the DCI Ryan series. Honestly, these books just get better and better. I love catching up with Ryan, Frank, and the team. They are such a lovable bunch. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I do talk about them like they are real people. I have recently got my Mum-in-law addicted to these books also and she feels the same. We chat about them together now. My husband thinks we’re a bit nuts. Lol!

It is my mission to convert everyone (who isn’t already) into Ryan fans!

This book ticks all the boxes for me.

I love the police procedural aspect.

I love the mystery, the tension, the suspense.

I love how invested I am in these characters. My heart truly went out to DC Melanie Yates, and I was terrified for her.

A certain other character made my skin crawl.

I love the setting of this book, and the series as a whole.

I love how Dr Gregory features in this book.

I love the romance and the humour. Frank always makes me giggle. I love the banter between him and Ryan.

If you haven’t read this yet you are in for a real treat and if you haven’t read any of the series yet, then you really should. Treat yourself!

Another easy five stars for me. I highly recommend!

Available now….

happy reading!

Meet Me at The Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan #BookReview

Come and meet Issy Randall, proud owner of The Cupcake Café.

Issy Randall can bake. No, more than that – Issy can create stunning, mouth-wateringly divine cakes. After a childhood spent in her beloved Grampa Joe’s bakery, she has undoubtedly inherited his talent.

When she’s made redundant from her safe but dull City job, Issy decides to seize the moment. Armed with recipes from Grampa, and with her best friends and local bank manager fighting her corner, The Cupcake Café opens its doors. But Issy has absolutely no idea what she’s let herself in for. It will take all her courage – and confectionery – to avert disaster . . .

Meet Me at The Cupcake Café

by Jenny Colgan 

My review

Meet Me at The Cupcake Café is a gorgeous read!

It is the first book I’ve read by Jenny Colgan, but it certainly won’t be the last!

Issy is a lovely character. I liked her from the very start. What she sees in Graeme I will never know! He’s infuriating. Issy deserves so much better than him.

When Issy finds she is to be made redundant from her administrative job she wonders whatever she will do. How will she pay her mortgage etc. What Issy can do though, and do incredibly well, is bake. She had the best teacher in her grandfather who is sadly now in declining health and being cared for in a nursing home. After much soul searching Issy decides to completely change her life by opening a little Cupcake Café in a quiet little courtyard complex of old buildings. It does sound delightful, but not everyone is convinced it will work out, least of all Graeme. She has the support of her closest friend though (and the bank) and she is determined to give it her best shot. I was rooting for her the whole time, and I loved seeing how she turned this neglected little property into a warm, welcoming café. I’d love something like that in our village.

I love how Issy turns her passion into a successful business. I so admire her bravery.

I love how she fights when her livelihood is threatened by greed, and how all those around her fight with her.

I love the friendships she develops with her staff.

I love her friendship with Helena.

I love the close relationship Issy shares with her Grandad and my heart broke for her as she comes to terms with him not getting any better. I know how devastating that is.

I love the romance, which again is far from straight forward.

This is such an uplifting story, which warmed my heart and left me with a huge smile on my face.

I loved every page!

I also love that there are delicious cake recipes throughout this book. Such a sweet tale, in every sense.

I highly recommend and I will be adding Jenny Colgan’s other books to my TBR list.

Treat yourself….

happy reading 🙂

Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood #BookReview

“The savagely funny debut novel”

Constance Anderson is a scriptwriter… without a script. But this isn’t a problem until, by random stroke of fate the Hollywood diva Jennifer Roberts announces on American primetime television that Constance is writing her next movie.

This is news to Constance; how the hell did that happen? She is jettisoned to fame overnight and faces a race against time to write the script. With the help of an unscrupulous ‘agent’ and a hostile ghost writer, Constance battles her way to Hollywood through the onslaught of social media, trolls, a philandering boyfriend, and leaked naked photographs…

Social media paves the way for an unknown scriptwriter in a comedy of misunderstandings and miscreants, and finally an ounce of good luck.

Anti-Social Media

by Kate Beth Heywood 

Anti-Social Media has been waiting ever so patiently on my kindle since I purchased it in 2016! I’m glad I finally got the chance to read it as it was good fun.

It tells the tale of Constance, a wannabe script writer, who finds herself suddenly famous when actress Jennifer Roberts, who has millions of followers on Twitter but follows no-one herself accidentally follows Constance back leaving the world to wonder what is so special about her. To make matters worse, to save face in an interview, Jennifer confesses to being a huge fan of Constance and reveals she has read her screenplay and can’t wait to star in her film!


Jennifer is the true definition of Diva and not at all likeable to be honest. I wouldn’t be working for her for long!

I can’t make my mind up if I liked Constance or not. It must have been quite overwhelming to suddenly be thrust into the public eye though. I loved the dynamic of her quickly formed professional relationships with her ‘agent’ and ghost writer, Jill.

Laugh out loud funny at times. I really enjoyed it!

buy your copy here….

happy reading 🙂

#CoverReveal The Watcher by Lisa Sell @LisaLisax31 @RedDragonbooks

The Watcher by Lisa Sell

The Watcher is a psychological thriller that will keep you hooked from the first page until the last…

What the reviewers are saying about The Watcher:


If you’re looking for something to keep you gripped, read this.


I have never read a book by this author, but I will definitely read more.


Such an intense, chilling, and spooky novel.


The plotline is superb, and the characters are brilliant and really help carry the story forward.


It had me captivated until the end. An easy, fast-paced read.

Harmony House has a voyeur. Someone with hidden cameras throughout the building. The residents are unaware they’re being watched, especially the ones up to no good.

I spy with my little eye; someone is going to die…

Publication Date: April 20, 2022

Available to Pre-order now!

Here’s the universal buying link:

About the Author

Lisa Sell is a thriller, crime, and mystery author. She is an avid reader with a to-be-read tower rather than a pile.

Music rocks Lisa’s world too, particularly a good eighties tune. If lost, you’ll find her in a DeLorean, headed for her favourite decade.

Lisa’s cats try to help her write but often fail. The furry pests demand attention and desk space. Lisa is currently applying for cat wrangling to be recognised as an Olympic sport.

Find out more about Lisa and her books in the following places:



Twitter: @LisaLisax31


Red Dragon Publishing:


@RedDragonbooks / @ConradJones / @emmamitchellfpr


@conradjones3 / @emitch101


‘The Hairdryer Died Today’ (and other short stories) by Alison Lingwood

Bowen's Book Publicity

‘The Hairdryer Died Today’ (and other short stories)

by Alison Lingwood

Coming soon!!

👉 3rd May 2022 👈

To coincide with Deaf Awareness Week.

Raising funds for the British Deaf Association.


The Hairdryer Died Today is a collection of more than thirty short stories. All profits will be donated to the British Deaf Association.

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#FlashbackFriday April 2022 with @LJRossAuthor @keefstuart @TrishaLewisTalk & @Caroline_writes #BookReviews

Hi, and welcome to my Flashback Friday feature 🙂

On the first Friday of each month I like to have a look back at the books I was reading during the same month in previous years, since starting my blog.

Please do join in if you have the time. I’d love to see your posts!

Here are my reviews from April 2021, plus a link to previous FBFs….

The Piper by Danny Weston #BookReview

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

When Peter and his little sister, Daisy, are evacuated from London to the countryside, they find themselves on an isolated farm in the middle of a treacherous marshland. As Daisy gets drawn deeper into the secrets of their new home, Peter starts to realise that something very sinister is going on. What is that music they can hear at night? And who are the children dancing to it?

The Piper

by Danny Weston 

My review

The Piper is another book that has been waiting very patiently on my bookshelf. I am so pleased I finally got to read it as I have enjoyed it immensely. It is a creepy ghost story which had me completely captivated.

It begins with an extremely chilling prologue dated 7th September 1874. The 7th of September proves to be quite a significant date throughout this story.

In Chapter one we meet Helen and her Grandad Peter (in the present day) as she visits him on his Birthday at his care home. During this visit Peter finds himself confiding in his granddaughter about his time during the war when he and his sister, Daisy, were evacuated from London to the countryside. This in itself is terrifying to me. I can’t even imagine being sent away as a child and I would have been hysterical if my children had had to be taken away from me. I know many, many families had to face this devastation though. It must have been heart-breaking for all involved.

Peter and Daisy are taken to Sheldon Grange which is in the middle of nowhere and is seemingly a peaceful, safe haven. Peter thinks he’s in for a relaxing holiday but finds he is to work alongside the caretaker/handyman, Adam to earn his keep. Daisy is to be company for the owner’s daughter, Sally. It is a huge change for them, but they are certain it won’t be for long and it seems they are to be well looked after.

Little did they know of the Sheldon’s horrifying history and the real reason they were offered refuge. Peter soon starts to realise something is not quite right, but he promised his mother he would look after Daisy and he is determined to do so, whatever it takes. Such a brave young man who has never forgotten Sheldon Grange but has never told a soul what happened there, until now.

Such a brilliant book. I loved it!

The very last sentence gave me goosebumps.

I very much recommend!

Buy your copy here….

happy reading 🙂

The Further Adventures of Poppy and Amelia by @MishaHerwin & Maddy Harrisis #PublicationDay

Bowen's Book Publicity

The Further Adventures of Poppy and Amelia

by Maddy Harrisis (Author), Misha Herwin (Author)

Paperback Publication Day – 31 March 2022

Poppy and Amelia were looking forward to the new term until the mysterious Bayonica Duvane joins class 7C. Then strange events start happening to their classmates and Poppy and Amelia are blamed even though the apprentice witches know exactly who is behind it all. Who is Bayonica Duvane? Why is she so determined to cause trouble for Poppy and Amelia and their vampire friend Mia?And most importantly of all – how can they stop her?

As with book one all proceeds will go to Blood Cancer UK in memory of Posy Miller, Misha’s daughter and Maddy’s aunt.


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Secrets Behind The Billionaire’s Return (Claiming the Ferrington Empire, Book 1) by Rachael Stewart @rach_b52 #BookReview

Secrets Behind The Billionaire’s Return (Claiming the Ferrington Empire, Book 1)

by Rachael Stewart  

Has he returned to claim her heart…?

In this Claiming the Ferrington Empire story, sixteen years ago Felicity fell in love with the boy from Ferrington Manor. But when Sebastian vanished she was left with the secret consequence of their love… And now he’s back! Will the revelations about his departure be enough for Felicity to succumb to the feelings that still draw her to him?

I could not resist bumping this straight to the top of my reading list and I am so glad I did because I LOVED it!

I do love Rachael Stewart’s writing. Her books are like a breath of fresh air for me and this one was no exception. I do love a good romance and Rachael Stewart knows how to write a love story!

I loved all the characters in this book. Felicity and her daughter, Angel, are instantly likeable. They share a very close relationship which is heart-warming as mother/daughter relationships can often be quite fractious, especially during the teenage years. Their relationship is very warm and genuine though, and both are inspiring characters.

Sebastian is an extremely charismatic character. He’s obviously very easy on the eye 😉 He has quite the heart-wrenching backstory though and I really did feel for him although to an outsider looking in you would think he shouldn’t have a care in the world. It just goes to prove that money isn’t everything.

I absolutely adored Felicity and Sebastian’s story. Their lives couldn’t be any more different these days but the chemistry between them is off the chart! There is almost a magnetic like force drawing them to each other, however hard they try to resist. I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Things are rarely straight forward, especially when children are involved, but to deny yourself a future full of such passion would be a crime.

This is such a beautifully written love story. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I am over the moon it’s the first of a trilogy. I can’t wait for book 2!

*Kindle edition out 14th April 2022*

**Many thanks to Rachael Stewart for my surprise advance paperback copy. I’m honoured to have had the pleasure of reading it ahead of publication day**