Publisher – Novelistas Ink Press.

Publication date – 24th June 2015.

I’ve noticed today that this lovely book is part of the Autumn special. It’s currently only 99p/99c (or free with Kindle Unlimited). So, I thought I would share the little review I wrote on Amazon back in August, before I started blogging.

Book description –

Now if this was a modern fairy tale, the hero might be a handsome young widower, hiding from the world in his castle and managing to avoid any meaningful romantic entanglements. Unfortunately, Sawyer Ellis would have stepchildren who think they know best, and most of the time it seems as if they do.

The heroine could have recently moved into the wisteria-covered cottage by the strawberry field. Sophie would be a thoroughly independent woman, as well as smart, self-obsessed, vulnerable and vain. She might be about to find out if her heart is made of gold. Sophie would have her doubts, but we’d know better.

It’s obvious to us they’ll need help from a fairy godmother, although she might not be as theatrical or mature as Cinderella’s.
Her name would probably be Lily.
Lily Rose.
And normally she would get things very, very right.
Except this time somehow it would all go very, very wrong.

But the setting is only a small Cheshire village, drowsily nudging Wales. A village known as Fools Castle. And in real life, in the present day, nothing like that could ever happen here.

Could it?

My little review –

A lovely, heart-warming story.

Another lovely read by Valerie-Anne Baglietto.
If you enjoy a love story with a magical twist then this is a must read.

Beautifully descriptive!

A story that draws you in from the very beginning.

Loved it!

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