Political Suicide

A free ebook – 2016


I need to start reading more short stories. I find them difficult to review without giving anything away.

Anyway, Political Suicide is full of action for such a short story! Well written, interesting characters and fast-paced. I like this authors style of writing and I’ll certainly be adding A Chaser on the Rocks to my TBR list!

Many thanks to Simon Maltman for my free e-book copy of Political Suicide. You can get a free copy too…..

From Simon’s Facebook page –

I have a new free ebook story called ‘Political Suicide’. I’m making it available to be emailed and shared ahead of my debut novel, coming in a few months, ‘a Chaser on the Rocks.’ For a copy pm me your email address or email simonmaltman@gmail.com. I’m hoping to organically get this to as many as possible. If you like it please share and send on! Thanks!”

Why not check out Simon’s Facebook page for yourself HERE

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