Shallow Waters


I don’t listen to books often, but I won an audible copy of Shallow Waters some time ago now via a giveaway the author herself was hosting (my apologies for taking so long to listen to it, Rebecca).

I have been listening to it mostly when cooking/baking. The narration is excellent! I finished it today whilst baking cupcakes for my Dad to take to work tomorrow. He’s retiring and tomorrow is his last day! Anyway….

I have loved getting to know DI Hannah Robbins (she reminds me of Rachel Bailey from Scott & Bailey. Love that series!). Following her story as she leads an investigation into the deaths of two teenage girls has been tense to say the least. How can they be connected in different areas? The investigation picks up more pace when they realise a third girl is in real danger of being next to the morgue if they can’t find her in time. I don’t really want to say more than that as I don’t want to give too much away, but you can really sense the teams urgency and frustration as they try to put the pieces together, whilst playing by the rules.

This isn’t an easy read/listen by any means. As a parent this is my worst nightmare, but it’s a gripping story with a wonderful mix of characters. I love the relationships between the police officers. I imagine you must form quite strong bonds with colleagues when you do this kind of job, especially when dealing with these kinds of cases. I also found Hannah’s relationship with Ethan interesting, given their different and often conflicting occupations.

Shallow Waters is a brilliantly written police procedural with a very well thought out plot and shocking conclusion. I was on the edge of my seat towards the end (I’d finished baking at this point and was just sat at the kitchen table unable to switch it off!).

Many thanks again to Rebecca Bradley for my audible copy. I will most certainly be adding Made To Be Broken to my TBR list.

Description (via Amazonuk)

When catching a killer isn’t enough…

The naked, battered body of an unidentified teenager is found dumped in an alleyway and post-mortem finds evidence of a harrowing series of events.

Another teenage death with the same MO pushes DI Hannah Robbins and her team in the Nottingham City division Major Crimes Unit, to their limits, and across county borders. In a race against the clock, they attempt to unpick a thick web of lies and deceit to uncover the truth behind the deaths.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Just how far are the team willing to push themselves to save the next girl?

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What readers are saying about Shallow Waters

‘A gritty police procedural, with no-holds-barred and a shocking insight to the reality of some. Dark and disturbing, yet exceptionally compelling.’ – Mel Sherratt, author of Taunting The Dead, Follow The Leader and Only The Brave.

‘Tense, compelling and utterly absorbing. DI Hannah Robbins is a force to be reckoned with.’ – Jane Isaac, author of The Truth Will Out.

‘I found it quite a creepy read, with the descriptions of a girl shut in the cage playing on my mind long after I closed the book, something that doesn’t happen too often, and that I can only put down to the writing which snuck underneath the hard skin of this reader.’
‘Shallow Waters is a complete novel but one that leaves you wanting to find out more, especially about Hannah which means that I will definitely be watching out for the next in the series.’ – C Bannister, Amazon top 300 reviewer.

‘Full of realistic detail and convincing characters.’ Woman Magazine, listing Shallow Waters after Sarah Hilary’s No Other Darkness, under ‘If You Liked That, Try These…’

Listed in The Bookseller’s Independent Author Preview: March 2015

About the author –

Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective and lives in Nottinghamshire with her family and her two cockapoo’s Alfie and Lola, who keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing of course.

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