Publisher: Orion (25th August 2016)

Joanna has suffered at the hands of her abusive husband for years, until one day she finds the strength to escape with her daughter, Laurel. It isn’t long, however, until she can see and hear the police sirens catching up with her. She panics and the next thing she knows she’s waking up in a strange house, to find herself and Laurel being cared for by kind strangers. She is in a place called Morro. They’re safe.

She soon starts to realise that not all is as it seems though and she is given a choice, to stay or go back and face her demons head on.

I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but this story does deal with domestic abuse, so some parts will be upsetting for readers. I would, however, highly recommend that you add it to your reading list as I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

The Hummingbird’s Cage is a cleverly written, unique story, quite unlike anything I have read before. A story of hope with an unusual twist.

I’m amazed this is a debut novel! I’ll be looking forward to more from this author.

Many thanks to the author and publisher for approving my request on Netgalley. I am more than happy to recommend!

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Joanna has spent ten years married to a monster.

Everyone thinks she has the perfect life, but behind closed doors she lives in constant fear of her husband.

Escape seems impossible – and then a stranger offers her a chance to flee.

On the run with her young daughter, Joanna finds herself in the mysterious town of Morro. With no memory of how she got there. And no idea of what the town truly is.

Joanna faces a rare and terrible choice – stay safe, or return to face the fight of her life, to save herself and her little girl.

About the Author

Tamara Dietrich was born in Germany and raised in Appalachia. She has bounced around in states as far-flung as Maryland, New Mexico, Maine, New York, Arizona and Virginia. Along the way, she has become an award-winning newspaper journalist for her news reporting, feature writing and column writing. When she’s not spending every free moment working on novels, she’s cycling, hiking, jogging and gardening. Travel is a particular pleasure, although she doesn’t get nearly enough of it. She’s the mother of a 19-year-old son, and provides room and board and couch privileges to three cats and a dog. THE HUMMINGBIRD’S CAGE is her debut novel.


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