Allow me to introduce book blogger, Kate Moloney!

Kate has very kindly agreed to answer 20 random questions from you lovely people (Thanks so much for joining in, Kate!) ­čÖé

If you’re reading this, please do send me a question. It doesn’t have to be book related. Let’s see how random we can make Kate’s interview!


My name is Kate and I’m a married mum of two from Galway on the west coast of Ireland. I’ve been reader all ┬ámy life and it’s something that I’m keen to pass on to my kids as well.
Reading has always been my favourite thing to do. I was never into sports (unless speed reading┬ácounts?! ­čÖé ) and I’m really quite shy so books have been my constant companions.
I’m so lucky because book-blogging has given me an outlet to rave about what I’m reading as well as the opportunity to connect with authors I admire too. I’ve also made some great friends thanks to a shared love of books, my fellow blogsquad bunch are the best!
Kate blogs at
Please send me your question for Kate via email – or feel free to PM me on Facebook or DM me on Twitter (links below)
Thanks in advance for joining in ­čÖé

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