A Passion So Wild: A Romantic Suspense Novel by [Rose-Innes, Louise]

Publisher: The Romance Collective (1st April 2016)

My review

A Passion So Wild has been waiting very patiently on my kindle for a while. Thank you to Louise Rose-Innes for my review copy. I have really enjoyed it.

Lexi was born into a wealthy family. Her parents are well known and successful and she’s about to marry a very suitable man. She wants for nothing! Well, nothing material that is. However, she craves a life of her own, doing what she loves. When she is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, as a vet caring for endangered Gorilla’s, she leaves her fiance at the alter and hops on a plane to the Congo, to start a new life. Her parents are less than impressed of course, but Lexi is happy and determined to live the life she has chosen for herself.

Of course, A Passion So Wild is primarily a romance novel, but it isn’t without a serious side. The sanctuary Lexi helps to run is at constant threat of rebel attacks. They have to be alert at all times and the sanctuary is in desperate need of funding to improve security, amongst other things. This is when we are introduced to Sir Anthony (Tony). Tony is the CEO of a successful company and is keen to invest in the sanctuary. It was obvious that Tony and Lexi would hit it off, but Lexi doesn’t like him initially. To start with, Tony’s main reason for investment is to increase his company’s credibility and he comes across as arrogant and full of self-interest. However, he soon starts to appreciate the hard work that goes in to the day-to-day running of the sanctuary and the risks they all face whilst trying to protect the animals. Lexi soon starts to warm to him and a their love story begins.

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the jungle and I can totally understand it’s appeal for Lexi, although I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to move there myself!

I liked the fact that Lexi stood on her own two feet and followed her heart, rather than living the life her parents had envisioned for her and I was hoping all the way through that she found her happiness.

This is a very well written novel with likeable characters, plenty of action and, of course, romance.

I will be adding Louise’s other books to my TBR list.

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Former socialite, Lexi, adores her new, fulfilling life as a gorilla vet in the Congolese jungle. Even the surrounding political volatility can’t dim her contentment – until she meets the sanctuary’s enigmatic benefactor, Sir Anthony. He’s wealthy and arrogant, appearing more concerned with his company’s image than the welfare of the sanctuary he’s endowed. He symbolizes the empty, pampered life she left behind – so why is she falling for him? When rebels attack the sanctuary, Sir Anthony is the only man who can keep her safe – yet he’s also the biggest threat her heart has ever faced.
A fast-paced, romantic suspense novel from Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes.
Louise writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. Visit her author page on Amazon – amazon.com/author/louiseroseinnes

You will find all of Louise’s books HERE


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