Today I am delighted to welcome the very lovely Amy Sullivan to my blog. Amy writes fabulous book reviews. If you don’t follow her blog yet, you really should!


I’m Amy and I’m a wife and mom to three little monkeys, two girls who are eight and five and a boy who is two. I’ve always been passionate about reading and a few months ago, with my husbands support and encouragement, I decided to start my blog. Besides reading, I’m a reality TV junkie, the trashier the better! 😳😂 I even still watch soap operas, the Young and the Restless if you’re wondering. I know, I know, my DVR is positively shameful. I like wine and think I’m a bit of a foodie and my dream way to spend my day is on the beach, with a good drink and a book. Cliche, but true! (I feel like I’m setting up a online dating profile 😂)

Amy blogs at

A big thank you to Amy for joining in and to all you lovely people who sent me questions for Amy.

Here’s her #AskMeAnything…..


1 – If you could only take 5 of your favourite books with you to the beach, which ones would you take and what would you be drinking as you re-read them?

I would probably take a few from Elin Hilderbrand, she is the queen of the beach read. Let’s go with The Beach Club, The Rumor and The Island. I’ve always loved reading Jackie Collins as beach reads, in fact I read a few of her books on my honeymoon in Jamaica. I would go with Hollywood Wives and Lucky. Such guilty pleasure reads! I would start with a Bloody Mary, then maybe a mimosa. I would probably move on to wine next, I drink white usually.

2 – What has been the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you since you started blogging?

Hmm nothing too terrible I don’t think. I hate when I accept a review request directly from an author then end up not liking the book. It’s always an awkward situation and I never would want to insult them. That has happened quite a few times.

3 – What book have you read this year that really surprised you? Good or bad!

The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello was really fantastic, it had some shocking twists that were totally unexpected. It kept me up most of the night!

4 – What’s on the menu for Christmas dinner?

I have no idea yet. We all head to my uncles house and my ninety one year old grandma usually insists on a traditional dinner; ham, turkey, basically all of the same stuff that we just had for Thanksgiving. I would love to do something different like Italian or Mexican, but who wants to argue with a 91 woman?!

5 – Do you have a favourite comedian?

Years ago my husband and I would watch Jamie Foxx’s stand up routines constantly. He’s hilarious and we were just talking about how we need to watch them again the other day.

6 – What are your top 5 Christmas films?
Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Love, Actually, Elf, and The Santa Clause

7 – What is your favourite Christmas carol?

O Holy Night. I’ve become a softy the older I get and this one always brings tears to my eyes.

8 – Are you a fan of reality TV? If so, what is your favourite show?

I’m a reality TV junkie, so this is actually a hard question for me. I love the Real Housewives franchise and watch them all. I also love the spin off Vanderpump Rules.

9 – If you could change the ending to any book which would it be and what would you change?

Can I change an entire last half of a book?! Love Her Madly started out so strong for me, but it totally fell apart in the end. It was missing a critical narrator and I would add that in and tie things up more neatly.

10 – Assuming reading is your first, what is you second favourite hobby?

I honestly don’t have many other hobbies, every spare second I have is spent reading or reviewing. Makes me sound rather lame and boring! I watch a lot of TV, my husband and I have certain shows we watch together. Walking Dead of course, but we’re also currently really enjoying the new show, This Is Us.

11 – Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Total night owl, I hate mornings. I’ve gotten better since I had kids, they all get up brutally early so I’ve had no choice. I stay up late most nights, it’s the only time my house is quiet and peaceful.

12 – Do you have pets?

We have a turtle, but my girls are desperate for a puppy. Not happening anytime soon though.

13 – If you had to choose just one, who would you say is your favourite author?

This is the worst question ever! It’s like Sophie’s Choice. Harlan Coben is one of my long time favorites, so I’ll go with him. Ask me again in five minutes though and my answer will change.

14 – Do you speak any other languages?

I do not. I took Spanish for four years in high school and barely remember a word. I can ask for a restroom and name some random foods and colors. So helpful!

15 – What’s your favourite tipple?

This is embarrassing, but I’ll own it anyway. I had to Google tipple just to make sure I actually knew what it was! ? It’s not a word we use much here in the US. For the past few years I’ve been addicted to Bloody Mary’s and a few years back I had a bacon Bloody Mary that was to die for.

16 – You said your ideal day would be reading on a beach. Where is your favourite beach and is there one you would like to visit?

My favorite that I’ve actually visited is Montego Bay in Jamaica. It was stunning and my husband and I spent a week there on our honeymoon. Now we can barely get away for a date night for a few hours, so I really cherish those memories. As for visiting, I would go anywhere warm and tropical but we’ve always talked about Turks and Caicos.

17 – If you had a dinner party what 6 famous people would you invite and why?

I’m just going to be naughty and pick six gorgeous men, because why not?! Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Hunnam, Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds.

18 – What’s your favourite ‘hardly heard of’ book?

I don’t know if it’s hardly heard of, but I think Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker deserves more credit. I know it’s getting noticed in the book blogging world, but in general I’m not so sure. It’s amazing and needs more attention!

19 – Who’s your favourite literary villain?

Hannibal Lector. Shivers.

20 – What’s your favourite book that involves animals?

Charlottes Web. I adored it as a child.

*If you’re an author or book blogger and would like to take part in my #AskMeAnything feature, please feel free to get in touch*

4 thoughts on “#AskMeAnything with #bookblogger Amy Sullivan @novelgossip1

  1. We have some stuff in common, Amy. 😊 I’m a night owl. I really don’t have any other hobbies anymore besides reading. We’re both blogging mamas, too! I actually had no clue what a tipple was, so I had to Google it too. Ha! Great interview! 👍🏼

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  2. Completely agree about the ‘accepting books and then not liking them’ part – especially when it’s an author who has specifically chosen you (or found you, even if they’re applying to many book bloggers).

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