A great giveaway…..

Emma The Little Bookworm

A while ago I decided to set up a Facebook page to run alongside my blog EmmaTheLittleBookworm

A few very short weeks ago I had just under one-hundred followers, I mentioned that upon hitting the all important one-hundred I would run a giveaway, the festive period then took over and I kind of lost count of the days, never mind the followers.

Imagine my surprise when I looked this morning and discovered that I now have two-hundred and ninety!!!!

WOWSERS!!!! I am utterly shocked!

My little blog stats now stand at 2039 Blog followers, 1624 Twitter followers and 290 Facebook followers!!!!

Now for the promised giveaway . . .

One lucky Bookworm will win a paperback copy of ANY (fiction) book they want (UK only), and as I am in such a good mood today, I will offer international likers an Amazon voucher to purchase the EBook of their choice!

All you…

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