I’m not very good at reviewing short stories, but when Dan Klefstad sent me a copy of The Caretaker, which is to be published on 1st February in the lit journal Crack the Spine (Issue 210), I read the first page as my curiosity got the better of me. I do like a vampire story! Needless to say, that first page ensured I read the rest. It might not be many pages long, but they are captivating and chilling. It’s a vampire story, but quite unique.

I have permission from the author to share this quote with you all, from the opening page –

Dear Applicant, Congratulations. Out of hundreds of applications, yours stood out…..But, I must warn you: The more you read, the more my employer will consider you a threat if you decline our offer. If you have no intentions of taking the job, delete this message now before reading further.”

I’m sure you can see now why there was no way I could not read the rest!

I liked how the story starts as a job interview of sorts, leading to initial training, for a job which is far from conventional. That first contact would have had scared the **** out of me, but I guess the generous salary and benefits would more than pique the interest of many!

We learn how Daniel started his career. He offers his advice and shares his initial experience with the new applicant.

Well written, creepy and brutal!

I’m glad to hear that Dan Klefstad hopes to expand this in to a full length novel. I think it will prove to be a great read.

Many thanks to Dan Klefstad for sending me a manuscript of this intriguing vampire story.

I will share the link when The Caretaker is published on 1st February.

In the meantime, you will find Dan’s other books on his Amazon author page

And if you missed it, check out my Q&A with Dan here – Q&A with author, Dan Klefstad

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