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4.30. Hogmanay

Francis Fallon Hospital, Glasgow


The car drifted into the path of a bus headed for Springburn. Just in time, Gavin Law caught the flash of headlights and realised his mistake. He swerved back to his own side of the road and felt the wheels lose traction on the icy road. If he didn’t get a grip there would be no new year for him. Fat snowflakes landed on the windscreen. He didn’t see them. The shocking turn of events had made him blind. He’d been a fool and he knew that now. His mistake had been to believe he was the one dropping the bomb. Wrong. They were ahead of him.

Half an hour earlier, he had taken the lift to the seventh floor of the private hospital and barged into the director’s office. Jimmy Hambley was alone. He looked up from behind his desk; if he was surprised he didn’t show it. Law launched his ultimatum, boiling with righteous indignation.

‘I complained months ago about Wallace Maitland. You know what he did to Mrs Cooper yet he’s still operating. Your inquiry disregarded my evidence, and cleared him for Christ’s sake. The family has asked me to testify on their behalf in their legal action and I’m going to. I’ll be the star witness.’

He leaned across the table.

‘You’re covering for Maitland because he’s your wife’s brother, but you won’t get away with it. Francis Fallon will be on the front page of every newspaper in the country and it won’t stop there; the GMC will get involved. This is your last chance to do the right thing – admit liability and settle with the Coopers. After that I expect you to deal with Maitland.’

The response was unexpected and more ruthless than anything Gavin Law could have foreseen. The director listened to the outburst then calmly reversed the roles.

‘Mr Law. I was going to send for you. You’ve saved me the trouble. An allegation of misconduct has been made against you. Serious misconduct.’

Gavin Law sneered. ‘What is this? What the hell is this?’

‘A letter informing you of the process and your rights is on its way. You may wish to consider representation. That would be my advice. It may well be a matter for the police. As of now you’re suspended from all duties. Please leave the premises.’

‘Allegation? Of what?’

Hambley told him and watched the colour drain from Law’s face.

The accuser had become the accused.

 Before The Devil Knows You're Dead by [Mullen, Owen]

Publisher: Bloodhound Books (21st March 2017)

An explosive new crime thriller from a best-selling author

Charlie’s Back!

Gavin Law was a whistleblower.

Now he’s missing.

Just another case for Glasgow PI, Charlie Cameron, until he discovers there is more to Law and his disappearance than anyone imagined.

Wallace Maitland, the surgeon responsible for leaving a woman brain-damaged may have abandoned his sacred oath and become a killer. Did the hospital which refused to accept responsibility for the tragedy have Law silenced permanently? Or, with his wife little more than a vegetable, has David Cooper, believing he has been betrayed yet again, taken justice into his own hands?

Charlie comes to realise the world of medicine can be a dangerous place.

Across the city, East End gangster, Sean Rafferty is preparing to exploit the already corrupt city council in a multi-million pound leisure development known as Riverside. The project will be good for Glasgow. But not everybody is keen to work with Rafferty.

With more than money at stake, Sean will do anything to get his way. His motto, borrowed from his old man, is simple. Never take a no from somebody who can give you a yes.

If that means murder, then so be it.

Charlie has crossed Rafferty’s path before and lived to tell the tale.

He may not be so lucky a second time.

What the readers are saying:

‘An exciting new voice in Glasgow’s crime fiction genre – it will have you hooked from page one!’
Lorraine Patrick
Westender Magazine

I have a very pleasurable problem with Owen Mullen’s books – after I have finished reading them, I am spoilt for anything else until I come down off my ‘Charlie high’.
Goodreads Top 100 Reviewer

This is a cracking read, fast-paced and well plotted. More please!
Chris Nolan

*** Also available in this breathtaking series ***

Book 1: Games People Play

Book 2: Old Friends and New Enemies

Owen Mullen’s Amazon Author Page


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