Saving Sara (Redemption Series Book 1) by [Marsh, Nicola]

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (1st August 2016)


When Sara Hardy inherits a cottage in the small town of Redemption, Connecticut, it is just the break she needs to draw a line under her past—to begin again, on her own.
Sara never thought she’d be starting over. She was married, successful, and the mother of a beautiful girl. But the life she thought was on the right path has taken a series of wrong turns…
Meanwhile Jake Mathieson has a lot on his plate. Still reeling from a tragedy for which he feels responsible, he finds himself unexpectedly caring for his six-year-old nephew. In desperation, he comes to Redemption to enlist the help of his Aunt Cilla, a widow with demons of her own.
Jake is intrigued by Cilla’s cautious new neighbor. Like him, Sara is desperate to put the past behind her but not quite sure how to begin. Can Redemption offer either of them a second chance to find hope and happiness—perhaps even to take a risk on new love?

My review…..

Saving Sara is a lovely read. Another book which has been waiting patiently on my kindle. I’m so glad I finally got around to reading it.

When we first meet Sara, she is attending a funeral. The funeral is for her 3 year old daughter, Lucy, which is just heart-breaking. We don’t find out what happened straight away, but as well as losing her daughter, Sara’s marriage is falling apart and she finds herself in Redemption, in a house left to her by her grandmother, in an attempt to heal.

Jake is also trying to heal. He still can’t forgive himself for an accident he feels he caused, but he has to pull himself together to some degree when his sister asks him to take care of his nephew whilst she gets herself well. Jake also finds himself in Redemption when he enlists the help of his Aunt Cilla, who lives next door to Sara.

Now, it is quite obvious that Sara and Jake are going to click, but it’s far from straight forward and I thoroughly enjoyed their story. They are lovely characters and I was routing for them all the way through. Cilla too!

This story is full of raw emotion, which I felt on every page. There is unimaginable loss and grief, but also learning to live again. It’s a beautiful romance with the happiest of endings.

I will be purchasing book 2 in this series.

Buy a copy…..


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