Death In Profile

Publisher: Urbane Publications (17th March 2016)

My review…..

Death In Profile is another book which has been waiting patiently on my kindle for some time (along with the rest of the series to date). I am so glad I finally got around to reading it as I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was hooked as soon as I read the first few pages.

The story starts with a homeless man’s dog discovering the body of woman. This lady is seemingly another victim of a serial killer the police have been investigating for quite some time. As we follow the investigation it seems like the team might well have their man and the case will be solved finally, but it’s not quite as straight forward as they had hoped. The killings have stopped and a man is behind bars, but the team aren’t celebrating for long.

I loved how realistic this detective story is (not that I know much about being a detective!). The fact that not all is plain sailing makes it very real. The characters are very real. The detectives and their team are very professional, but human. They have their flaws and are all the more likeable for them.

I loved the profiler aspect and his story. He’s quite a fascinating character.

This is a very cleverly written, plot driven police procedural with excellent characterisation. It drew me in and kept me captivated throughout. Guy Fraser-Sampson’s writing style is very easy to get along with.

I was completely thrown by the twist. I did not see that coming at all! I was totally gobsmacked and quite disturbed towards the end. Absolutely brilliant! I’m looking forward to reading book 2.

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7 thoughts on “Death In Profile by Guy Fraser-Sampson @GuyFSAuthor @urbanebooks (Hampstead Murders Book 1) #BookReview

    1. Hiya, I can see why you would find the profilers breakdown aspect of the story a bit odd. To be honest, I wondered if he was going to be the killer at one point! It didn’t prevent me from enjoying the story overall. I definitely think it’s great that we all have differing opinions. They say no two people read the same book, don’t they?

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