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DCI Ryan and his team might have thought things would slow down a little since the demise of The Hacker, but unfortunately it isn’t to be. When a staff member is found dead at Cragside, at the bottom of the stairs, it looks as though he probably lost his balance and fell, but did he? Something seems amiss to Ryan and he’s as determined, as always, to get to the bottom of things.

I love that Ryan and Anna are attending a murder mystery evening at the beginning of this book! Brilliant!

This is quite a different case for the team and gives the book quite a different feel. It’s equally as gripping as the previous books in the series and I was glued to my kindle paperwhite again. I had intended on reading something different in between each of these books, but I have found myself having to start the next one as soon as I’ve finished. They really are addictive! L J Ross’ style of writing just draws me in from the very first page.

I love that I feel like I know the main characters really well now. The personal relationships are just getting cuter by the book! I have my fingers crossed for Lowerson 😉 I really like Lowerson. I think his character is developing really well. Ryan and Anna remind me of me and my Steve 🙂 Not that we’ve shared any of their trauma of course.

The banter between the team members makes me chuckle.

Cragside is another excellent book in this series. A series I will happily recommend to everyone.

Brilliantly written with a clever plot and excellent characterisation. You never know who you might be living and working with, or what might have gone on in their past!

I think these books would make an awesome television series. (If this happens can I be an extra please!?)

I can’t wait to start Dark Skies, book 7!

Many thanks to L J Ross for my kindle copy.

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