Are you on If so, did you join in with the 2017 challenge?

I was 10 books off meeting my optimistic goal of 70 books for 2017, but I can tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed the 60 I have read!

So many cracking reads…..

Goodreads 2017 challengeGoodreads 2017 challenge 2Goodreads 2017 challenge 3Goodreads 2017 challenge 4Goodreads 2017 challenge 5Goodreads 2017 challenge 6Goodreads 2017 challenge 7

Have you read any of the above?

Do you have a goal for 2018?

Feel free to add me on Goodreads –

Kerry x

7 thoughts on “#goodreadschallenge #2017

  1. I made my target by the skin of my teeth (and with 9 whole hours to spare!) – going for much less ambitious this year so there’s no pressure!

    Well done on hitting 60!

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