We had such a lovely time at today’s meet up at the North Stafford hotel, Stoke-on-Trent. A MASSIVE thank you to all who came along and made it such a fab event. To those who couldn’t make this one, you were missed and we hope you can join us next time 😊

It has been great catching up with ‘old’ friends and meeting new ones. A big thank you to my partner in crime, Steph. I wouldn’t want to do this without you. Thanks, as always, for sorting everyone out with name tags. You’re a star!

Take a look at Rachel Sargeant (@RachelSargeant3): https://twitter.com/RachelSargeant3?s=09

Take a look at Steph (@StefLoz): https://twitter.com/StefLoz?s=09

Take a look at Susan Boulton (@BoultonSusan): https://twitter.com/BoultonSusan?s=09

Take a look at Kiltie Jackson (@KiltieJackson): https://twitter.com/KiltieJackson?s=09

Take a look at Caroline Venables (@thedivinewrite1): https://twitter.com/thedivinewrite1?s=09


Take a look at Noelle | CrimeBookJunkie 🕵️‍♀️ (@nholten40): https://twitter.com/nholten40?s=09

Take a look at Abigail Osborne (@Abigail_Author): https://twitter.com/Abigail_Author?s=09

Take a look at Rachel Emms (@emms_rachel): https://twitter.com/emms_rachel?s=09

Take a look at Sarah Hardy (@sarahhardy681): https://twitter.com/sarahhardy681?s=09

Take a look at Anne Cater (@annecater): https://twitter.com/annecater?s=09

Take a look at Rachel Gilbey (@gilbster1000): https://twitter.com/gilbster1000?s=09

Take a look at Caroline England (@CazEngland): https://twitter.com/CazEngland?s=09

Take a look at Heide Goody (@HeideGoody): https://twitter.com/HeideGoody?s=09

Take a look at 📚🐛Kim Nash📚🐛 (@KimTheBookworm): https://twitter.com/KimTheBookworm?s=09

Take a look at Jo Robertson (@jocatrobertson): https://twitter.com/jocatrobertson?s=09

Take a look at John Pye (@CathedralOfLies): https://twitter.com/CathedralOfLies?s=09

Take a look at David Beckler (@DavidBeckler1): https://twitter.com/DavidBeckler1?s=09

Take a look at Tess riding the Gravy Train Makovesky (@tessmakovesky): https://twitter.com/tessmakovesky?s=09

Sue Eaton’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/havepencanwrite/

Take a look at Graeme Cumming (@GraemeCumming63): https://twitter.com/GraemeCumming63?s=09

Take a look at Jill (@JillsBookCafe): https://twitter.com/JillsBookCafe?s=09


Take a look at Rachel McCollin/McLean (@rachelmcwrites): https://twitter.com/rachelmcwrites?s=09

Take a look at Misha Herwin (@MishaHerwin): https://twitter.com/MishaHerwin?s=09

Take a look at J.F.Burgess (@burgess1012): https://twitter.com/burgess1012?s=09

Take a look at NicHaleWriter (@nic_writer): https://twitter.com/nic_writer?s=09

Take a look at Jan Edwards (@Jancoledwards): https://twitter.com/Jancoledwards?s=09

Take a look at Jen Lucas ✍📖📚 (@JenMedBkReviews): https://twitter.com/JenMedBkReviews?s=09

Looking forward to the next one already!

Hope you can join us –


Photos from September’s meet up…..

ICYMI – Our first ever Stoke-on-Trent meet up…..


Thanks again!

Kerry x

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