Yesterday we enjoyed another lovely get together between writers and readers at The North Stafford Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent 🙂

Welcome to the North Stafford

Thank you so much to those who attended and made it such a fab event. I can’t believe this was our sixth meet up! A special thanks to my partner in crime, Steph.

Anyway, for those who don’t know me on Facebook, I thought I’d share some photos with you of those in attendance. Check them out, stalk them on social media and maybe buy their books (those who write them!).

It’s all about sharing the book love 🙂

Me & Steph



Caroline England & Steph

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 2


BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 3


Vivien Jones & Margaret Moxom

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 4


Hayley Bibbey & Claire Birkin

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 5


Me & Graeme Cumming

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 6


Misha HerwinJ.F. Burgess (Jon) & John Pye

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 7


John Pye & Mick Williams

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 8


Graeme & Jill Doyle

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 9


Kiltie Jackson, Barry Lillie, Nic Hale & Malcolm Havard

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 10


Jan Edwards & Jon

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 11


Roz Watkins, Caroline & Mel Sherratt

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 12


BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 13


Anna Maria Shenton

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 14


James SumnerSteve Dyster

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 15


Alison Lingwood & Sue Eaton

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 16


James & Sharon Sant (AKA Tilly Tennant)

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 17


Simon Michael

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 18


Jon & Esther Chilton

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 19


Claire Huston & Sharon

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 20


Kiltie, Roz, Jon & John

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 24


James, John, Sharon, Mel & Esther

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 25


John, Me and Misha

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 26


I was very lucky to be gifted these beautiful paperbacks from Roz and Claire! 🙂 Thank you! I look forward to reading them both. xx

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 27BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 28


A BIG thank you also to Caroline England for these beautiful flowers.

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 21


I almost didn’t notice that we were on the events board at the hotel. I’m not sure if we have been every time, but I will make sure to check the board for our future get togethers!

BloggerAuthorMeetUpMarch2020 23


We hope you can join us for our next get together. Here’s the link to the Facebook event page…..



Our first #Stoke-on-Trent #bookblogger / #author #meetup – 12th May 2018 😊

#bookblogger / #author #meetup #stokeontrent

#author #bookblogger #meetup #StokeonTrent

#BookBlogger #Author #MeetUp 01/06/19 @StefLozBookBlog

#BookBlogger #Author #MeetUp 05/10/19 #NorthStaffordHotel #StokeOnTrent @StefLozBookBlog

happy reading 🙂



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