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My Sister Is Missing is a gripping, highly emotional psychological thriller. Julia Barrett had me from the very first page and I found the whole story completely compelling.

Sisters Steph and Jess share a close relationship. They were both brought up by their mother after their father left when Jess was just five years old. However, they experienced very different childhoods from that moment on, despite living in the same house. Steph enjoyed a close relationship with her mother whereas Jess suffered abuse and neglect at her hands. We know that Jess blames herself for her father leaving, her mother blamed her too, but we don’t really know why for quite some time and the suspense is palpable throughout the story.

The story begins with Steph becoming a new mother to daughter Natalie. She has a dreadful secret she needs to keep from her husband, Adam, though. She believes he might not be the father of her daughter and she is convinced he will leave her or, worse, take Natalie away from her if he finds out the truth. So she disappears.

Naturally Adam and Jess are out of their minds with worry and a missing persons investigation is opened. Steph is high priority given that she has a newborn with her. This is an extremely tense part of the story. I could feel the panic rising as each hour passed and was praying they would both be found safe.

During the time Steph is missing Jess senses something off about Adam, more than worry about his wife and daughter, but she can’t put her finger on it. He is acting quite strangely and when we learn the truth his behaviour makes perfect sense.

Jess is also battling her own demons regarding her past and I became more and more intrigued with each page read.

Julia Barrett has created a very believable family who could just as easily be living next door. I think Steph’s struggle with her post-natal mental health is handled with honesty and sensitivity. I’m sure this story will help to raise awareness.

Jess’s story is quite heart-breaking and I loved that she finally confided in Matt.

Adam’s story is quite devastating. I did really feel for him.

This book highlights the fact that despite what we might face throughout our lives, things can always get better and we can move on from the past with the support of those we love, especially when we are open and honest with each other.

It is a must read for any psychological thriller fan and for those who enjoy a good police procedural. I highly recommend.

Many thanks to Anna at RedDoor Publishing for my ARC and for the opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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My Sister Is Missing author, Julia Barrett

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