(The Alexander Gregory Thriller Book 3)

LJ Ross

(Review written on 18th July 2020)

I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Dr Alexander Gregory again but oh, my word this is a tense read!

In Bedlam we find Gregory working with the FBI. He is to check in to a highly secure psychiatric hospital, as a voluntary patient, as part of an undercover operation to protect the wife of a notorious criminal. What could possibly go wrong!? I knew as soon as he agreed that this was going to be a dangerous mission, but the reality of the situation once he was there was really quite frightening, especially considering he does a really good job of convincing the staff that he truly needs to be there. I could almost feel Gregory’s fear and frustration. I felt penned in myself whilst reading some of the scenes and I was almost panicking at times.

Psychology has always fascinated me so it’s no wonder that Dr Alexander Gregory fascinates me too. His personal experiences as well as his professional ones make him an excellent character. He’s extremely likeable and charismatic without being at all conceited. He has his flaws too which make him very real and believable. He is easily one of my favourite fictional characters.

This book is full of fascinating, and often complex, characters. Some have committed horrible crimes in their past, but you can’t help but like them still. Others are just genuinely nice people who I instantly warmed to. Professor Bill Douglas is one such character.

Bedlam is a cracking addition to this series, in my opinion. It is full of tension and suspense, I loved it!

I can’t wait for book 4!


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Hysteria: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 2) by L J Ross @LJRoss_author #BookReview

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