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After Jessica BLOG TOUR (3)

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My review…..

After Jessica is an excellent mystery novella.

Jessica Price is a seemingly average young woman, living a seemingly average life before it is cut tragically short in a freak accident. My heart went out to her brother, Simon who, as her named next of kin, has the difficult task of identifying her body and having to sort out her affairs. My heart also went out to her mother as no parent should ever have to bury a child. They both cope admirably well considering, but I think with such a lot to do when someone dies it’s easy to be swept along with the practicalities.

As Simon attempts to make a start on notifying people about Jessica’s death her bank seems a natural place to start. What he finds when meeting with her bank manager, however, leaves him more than a little confused. Who is Alexis? Why do they have a joint business account? And why does it appear that she lived with Jessica, but they knew nothing about her existence? Realising he would be unable to settle this business account without Alexis’ input, Simon aims to find her and hopefully have his questions answered. He is totally not prepared for what he eventually finds out!

I was totally hooked into Jessica’s story. Each chapter is written from the perspective of different characters, some of whom seem to have no connection to Jessica, or her family, whatsoever. It is quite suspenseful and I was eager to discover what had been going on in Jessica’s life that her family had no clue about. All becomes clear as the story progresses. The truth might just surprise you! I did sort of guess part way through, but this didn’t have any impact on my enjoyment of the book. I was fascinated by how Simon was going to solve the mystery, if at all!

I think it’s very cleverly written with an absolutely heart-warming ending.

Many thanks to the author for my review copy via Sarah @ Book On The Bright Side Publicity.

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Book Description:


Jessica is an ordinary girl who comes across
extraordinary circumstances and pays for them with her life. As well as
identifying her body, her brother Simon then has to wind up her affairs but
gets more than he bargains for. Who is Alexis, and why are Veronica and Daniel
searching for her? Why is there a roll of cash in Jessica’s house, and what’s
the connection between his sister and Alexis?


Author Bio:

After Jessica author Morgen July 2017

Morgen Bailey (Morgen with an E) is an author (of novels, short stories, writing and editing guides), freelance editor (for publishers and indie authors), writing tutor (in person and online), Writers’ Forum magazine ‘Competitive Edge’ columnist, blogger, speaker, and co-founder of Northants Authors. The former Chair of three writing groups, she has judged the H.E. Bates Short Story Competition, RONE, as well as the BBC Radio 2, BeaconLit, and Althorp Literary Festival children’s short story competitions. She also runs her own monthly 100-word competition. 2018 events include talks and workshops at Troubador’s Self Publishing Conference speakers, workshops and panels at Delapre Book Festival, interviewing and workshops at BeaconLit, and NAWG Fest with her ‘Editing your Fiction’ weekend residential course. Morgen can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Her blog is http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com, and email address morgen@morgenbailey.com.


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