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I absolutely loved Holding by Graham Norton and was keen to read A Keeper as soon as possible, but having recently joined Audible I decided to make it my first listen instead and I am SO glad I did. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and easily found myself immersed in Elizabeth’s story as she returns to Ireland following the death of her mother, Patricia. Each chapter alternates between ‘then’ and ‘now’ which makes the story easy to follow and certainly adds to the suspense when it becomes clear that there is more to her mother’s history than she could ever have imagined. I loved that it is read by Graham Norton himself also.

Living in New York, a divorced mother to a teenage son herself, Elizabeth doesn’t really relish having to sort out her late mothers affairs, but finding some old letters soon ignites her interest and she finds herself determined to find out more. Nothing could prepare her for the truth she ultimately discovers.

This story is full of fascinating characters with some shocking secrets which they have held on to for many years. I had no idea where the story was going and was as eager as Elizabeth to find out what happened all those years ago. The truth is quite heart-breaking.

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Shortlisted for the National Book Awards

Graham Norton’s debut novel, Holding, was a Sunday Times best seller and loved everywhere. His new novel, A Keeper, is a twisted tale of secrets and ill-fated loves that once again demonstrates Norton’s understanding of human nature and all its darkest flaws.

The mystery of Elizabeth Keane’s father is one that has never been solved by the people of Buncarragh – not for lack of speculation. Her mother, Patricia, had been assumed a spinster until she began dating a mysterious man from out of town and within months had left Buncarragh and had married.

Less than two years later, Patricia was back, with a new baby in her arms but no new husband by her side and unbendingly silent about her recent past. A secret she would take with her to her grave.

Now, as Elizabeth returns to the village after her mother’s funeral, bringing with her her own regrets and wounds, she finds a thin pile of ribbon-bound letters at the back of a wardrobe that may at last hold the key to her past:

Dear Lonely Leinster Lady,
I’m not really sure how to begin….

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happy reading (or listening!) 🙂


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