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I absolutely LOVED this book!

I quite liked the uniqueness of a scientist needing a bodyguard and I could totally understand Kelly Bridge being a bit apprehensive about some bloke following her around everywhere, but she’s an intelligent woman and knows there’s not much point arguing with her parents, so she reluctantly agrees. And, if you’re going to be followed around by a bloke all day then you could do worse than Ben Jacobs. If I needed protecting I’d certainly want him on my side! He is a VERY likeable character although I did want to slap some sense into him at times, but for his own good. He is a professional, ex military, so he knows how to keep someone safe. He isn’t so great at keeping his own heart safe though and soon finds himself falling for his ‘Blondie’.

Kelly is quite standoffish at first, but as she gets to know Ben she softens and he awakens something within her. She falls for him hook, line and sinker, but he doesn’t believe her feelings are real, just heightened due to their traumatic situation, but she knows her own heart and is desperate to convince him. My heart went out to her. I was praying he would come to his senses.

This is an emotional roller-coaster of a love story. Full of action, fear, danger, passion and heart-break. Just brilliant!

Many thanks to the author and to Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Resources for my review copy.

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happy reading ūüôā


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