The Positivity Wave

Today I’m joining in with Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles with her Positivity Wave!

Here’s what made me happy this week…..

Facebook memories…..


I received a lovely signed copy of Torment from Mark Tilbury!

Torment signed copy


We had a lovely barbecue at Fr. Chris’ on Saturday, despite the bad weather that was forecast!


Saturday night we had a lovely evening out celebrating my Auntie Jayne’s 50th Birthday


Google collages of our trip to Llandudno


Google memories

Google memories


My beautiful cousin Zoey was in our local newspaper this week…..

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with my Mum. We had lunch and did a bit of shopping before we met up with our Women’s Fellowship ladies to watch The Lion King at the cinema 🙂


Yesterday I had a new haircut!


What made you happy this week?

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