The Walls

The Walls is another book which has been on my Netgalley list for far too long, but WOW, it was most definitely worth the wait! What a compelling story! I read and enjoyed Baby Doll some time ago, so I was keen to add The Walls to my TBR list. I have not been disappointed. I’m just sorry it’s taken me this long for it to reach the top of my list.

Kristy is a single mother, having had her son in her teens, and has built a career as a press agent, working with convicted criminals on death row. Her son hates her job, but she does what she has to do to keep a roof over his head, as well as that of her poorly father. It does sound like a lovely home also and one she is right to be proud of. She is quite an inspirational character and instantly likeable.

When she meets Lance, through her son, she soon starts to develop feelings for him, but she’s nervous about letting her guard down. He seems like a dream come true though and she decides she deserves some romance in her life. Her son is thrilled for them and life seems good. That is until they are husband and wife and a different Lance begins to dominate their relationship.

I cannot even begin to imagine living in an abusive relationship, but the way Kristy keeps it hidden from everyone she knows, and loves is quite typical of what I understand of abused women. These men are just the lowest of the low. It’s heart-breaking to think how many women, and men, suffer at the hands of those who supposedly love them. I can totally understand how and why some reach absolute breaking point and snap.

Kristy reaches that breaking point when Lance uses her love for her son and father against her. I can’t say I blame her!

This has been an absolutely, captivating and heart-wrenching read. I could almost feel Kristy’s desperation and determination. Lance’s biggest mistake was threatening her family and Kristy plans to make sure he is unable to ever carry out those threats. She knows the system also, so feels she has an advantage, but will she get away with it? Does she even want to? Will she ever be able to move on without constantly looking over her shoulder?

Very clever writing! LOVED it!

Hollie Overton is an excellent writer. I have just purchased The Runaway and very much look forward to reading it.

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy of The Walls via Netgalley.



Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

happy reading 🙂


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