Death Stalks Kettle Street

My paperback copy of Death Stalks Kettle Street has been, unread, on my bookshelf for far too long. I finished it this afternoon and it has been well worth the wait!

Greg lives on Kettle Street. He lives alone battling with OCD. He is a fascinating and likeable character, misunderstood by his family. As well as having his OCD to deal with he is still grieving the sudden and devastating death of his mother. Worryingly, I related to him in some ways, particularly his obsession with his front door not being closed correctly. I check mine more than once, especially if I have to leave my dog in the house. Sometimes I will convince myself I have left it wide open and envisage my Bella wandering off and being pinched (she’s a very cute Shih Tzu) or run over. I have had my Mum running up the street to check before now even though I know I’m unlikely to have left the door open. It’s totally irrational, but that feeling of panic is difficult to ignore. It’s awful really.

Anyway, Greg starts to get weird phone calls and random packages, hand delivered, through his letterbox which he doesn’t think much of until his neighbours start dying in seemingly random, tragic accidents. It seems the killer is leaving him clues, but why? To give him the chance to save his neighbours’ lives or to frame him for the murders?

I thought this was a very cleverly written murder mystery which grabbed my attention immediately and kept it until the very last page. It made me pretty much suspect everyone along the way. I only twigged who it might be right before the book revealed the identity of the killer. I had no clue where it might be heading until then. I was shocked and saddened by the truth.

I love that within this story we have the start of a blossoming romance and I also enjoyed the inclusion of the fiction writing workshop at the library, led by a previously best-selling author who wrote his first best seller in the flat Greg now lives in on Kettle Street. Small world!

I felt sad for Greg’s brother who seems to want to help Greg, without really understanding him, and keep the peace between him and their stepfather. Their strained relationship is very believable.

Greg’s therapist is an interesting character also.

Overall, I loved the suspense of this story and I think the characters really bring it to life. The ending put a smile on my face.

I thoroughly enjoyed Death Stalks Kettle Street and I’m more than happy to recommend to you all.

About the author

John Bowen is a multi genre thriller author who lives in the UK. When not playing video-games, reading, catching up on movies, going to the gym, and enjoying time with his wife and children he occasionally finds time to write…

His debut novel supernatural suspense thriller WHERE THE DEAD WALK is an Amazon Top #100 Bestseller, his action adventure thriller VESSEL is an Amazon Top #30 Bestseller, his murder mystery, DEATH STALKS KETTLE STREET is an Amazon Top #5 Bestseller, and his free short story collection COLD SWEATS & VIGNETTES is a Top #100 Kindle Store Free Chart Bestseller.

His most recent novel, CROWS COTTAGE, the sequel to WHERE THE DEAD WALK was released March 29th 2019.

You’re welcome to visit his site and sign up for news, promotional discounts and giveaways – and find out how to pick up a FREE book at:

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happy reading 🙂

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