Toxic Triangles

As part of the countdown to publication day for Alison Lingwood’s Toxic Triangles I am re-sharing my review for book 4, Stains of Suspicion.

(originally published on 3rd September 2019)

Ooooo, I didn’t see that coming!

It has been so great to catch up with DCI Timothy again. Due to other blogging commitments this is the first chance I’ve had to continue with this excellent series and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this story. I think this has been my favourite book yet, but I’ll probably say that about them all!

Timothy is back within a team having recovered from being attacked (read the previous books first, if you haven’t already!). He’s still not 100% though and it shows at times. It’s also having an impact on his marriage. I enjoy that we see this personal side to the character’s story. It makes them all the more real.

In Stains of Suspicion a body is found under a tarpaulin in a carpark and it’s assumed by the witness that it is the body of a child but, is in fact a tiny older lady. The family are located and informed and an investigation begins. It soon transpires that the lady has died of a heart attack, but how did she covered herself up?? Her car is also missing. It doesn’t make much sense and the team have their work cut out if they are to prove this lady was indeed murdered.

To add further intrigue to the story, a man they believed to be the victim’s brother insists that this lady isn’t his sister. So, who is this woman and whatever happened to his real sister??

The victim’s family are interesting to say the least. There are four children, one of whom was adopted and all as different as they can be. They have odd relationships. The (older) husband is suffering with dementia and is now in a care home but seems to have been quite controlling and abusive in the past. This woman’s life is quite a mystery. I enjoyed following the team as they put the pieces of the puzzle together and figured out the facts.

The suspense had me completely gripped and I was totally shocked when the truth was revealed. This killer is nothing short of brutal! Their matter of fact attitude made my blood run cold. Another brilliant murder mystery, full of surprises and intriguing characters. I highly recommend.

I’ve already started the next book in the series, The Calibre of Death.

Watch this space for my review!

Stains of Suspicion

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Stains of Suspicion by Alison Lingwood #BookReview

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