Toxic Triangles

As part of the countdown to publication day for Alison Lingwood’s Toxic Triangles I am re-sharing my review for book 5, The Calibre of Death.

(originally published on 13th September 2019)

The Calibre Of Death is book 5 in the DCI Timothy mystery series and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series!

In this book we are treated to another suspenseful murder mystery. The story is set in Staffordshire when the HS2 rail link is becoming a very real possibility and not everyone is pleased about it. Aasa Heald is visiting from London for a meeting which has to be cancelled, so she finds herself having coffee with a local elderly lady by the name of Thelma Hodgson. Thelma has found herself in a very difficult situation having been deceived out of all she owns by two less than honest excuses for human beings claiming to be long lost family. Maybe Aasa would be able to help? She doesn’t get a chance though as she is shot dead right there at their table in the café. No-one is able to save her, and no-one knows where the bullets were fired from. I can’t even imagine witnessing such an horrific act of violence.

DCI Christopher Timothy and his team have their work cut out trying to piece together a very confusing puzzle. Who locally would want this woman dead? Was she even the intended target?

As well as investigating murder, Chris has his teenager sister-in-law, Florence, staying with them as her alcoholic mother has gone to a clinic for help. This brings its own challenges for their little family, especially as Florence seems to have befriended their main suspect!

Nothing is ever straight forward, but it all comes together with dedication and determination. Another excellent police procedural.

I LOVED the last chapter, although tinged with sadness. Exciting times ahead for the Timothy family. I can’t wait to read book 6!

The Calibre of Deathh

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The Calibre Of Death (A DCI Timothy mystery, Book 5) by Alison Lingwood #BookReview

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