Happy Publication Day, Misha Herwin!

When Letty Parker is asked by her best friend, Hepzibah, to solve a family mystery she willingly agrees. She has no idea that investigations will lead the Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency team across the high seas to the exotic isles of the Caribbean.

Letty, Jeb and Mango, are soon fighting for their very lives in a world where pirates rule the seas, evil plantation managers hold the land, and the forests are filled with duppies and dark magic.

Advance reader review –

“The Adventures of Letty Parker Book 3.
A fantasy adventure series for children, aimed at 9-12yr olds.
A fabulous mystery involving Letty, Jeb and Mango and some pirates. Set in Bristol and on the choppy seas to the Caribbean. A whole host of dark and scary creatures including a bear, monsters, dragons and gargoyles. And watch out for those eels!
A fast moving tale that parents and kids alike will enjoy. Maybe one to read along with your child.”


Happy Reading! 🙂

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