Fiona’s Guardians

Dan Klefstad

(Review written on 8th October 2020)

Having read two short stories by Dan Klefstad, The Guardian and The Interview, back in 2017 I have been quite intrigued by Fiona and Daniel, so I was very much looking forward to reading this full novel. Fiona’s Guardians has been well worth waiting for.

Fiona is a powerful character, in many ways. She commands your attention, and I can’t help but be impressed by her. She is feared and respected. Cross her and she wouldn’t think twice about snapping your neck. However, she has her weaknesses and relies on a Guardian to protect her as she sleeps, and to keep her fed. Fiona is a 250-year-old vampire. Being her Guardian is no regular job. Daniel knows this only too well.

Daniel is an excellent character. I love the loyalty he has shown to Fiona. His frankness impresses me too. He’s been in this job too long to take any s**t. He is tired and is training a new Guardian in the hope of finally retiring. I really wished a peaceful retirement for him, but nothing is ever straight forward and being a Guardian has never been more dangerous.

An ancient order of Monks are determined to destroy Fiona and those she has sired. Fearing Fiona’s demise Daniel is forced out of retirement, unable to deny his devotion to her. Will he ever enjoy the peace and quite he craves with the money he has more than earned over the years? Will Fiona survive long enough to need another guardian?

Fiona’s Guardians is a unique story with many fascinating characters on both sides of the battle. Fast-paced and compelling, I think this book will appeal to many readers whether a vampire fan or not.

Many thanks to Dan Klefstad for my review copy.

happy reading 🙂

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