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The Would you Rather Tag

The Rules (yes, you know the drill)

  1. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  2. Make your own questions and tag others.

The Answers

Would you rather write one book every year, or only one book over the course of entire lifetime?

I wish I had the talent to write any book, let alone one a year!

Would you rather read books from your mother’s favorite genre or books from your least favorite author?

I don’t think I have a least favourite author, but I’m happy to read any favourite’s of my Mum’s. We have very similar reading tastes.

Would you rather purchase a digital or physical copy of your favorite book?

I tend to buy digital and physical copies of my favourite books. I collect signed copies too!

Would you rather find true love in a bookstore or a library?

I already found true love, 21 years ago! 🙂

Would you rather have a relatable villain or a hero that has the worst personality traits?

A relatable villain.

Would you rather drink coffee or eat chocolate while reading a book?

Eat chocolate ideally, but I’m diabetic so I’ll say drink coffee.

Would you rather read e-books or listen to audio books?

I do have an Audible subscription, but I do still prefer e-books.

Would you rather read The Monster Book of Monsters or The Invisible Book of Invisibility (Harry Potter reference)?

The Monster Book of Monsters.

Would you rather have the power to change the ending of any book, or to change the beginning?

The ending.

Would you rather read a 3-star book by a famous celebrity, or a 5-star book by an unknown author?

Definitely a 5-star book by an unknown author!

The Questions

Would you rather write a guaranteed best seller or have the luxury of reading for 6 hours a day, every day, uninterrupted?

Would you rather drink tea or wine whilst reading?

Would you rather write your own autobiography or write a biography for your favourite author?

Would you rather read about food or eat food whilst reading?

Would you rather read Christmas books for the whole of December or never read a Christmas book again?

Would you rather read books recommended by fellow book bloggers or those on bestseller lists?

Would you rather read romance books or horror stories?

Would you rather watch Christmas films or listen to Christmas songs?

The Rest

My Nominees (no pressure!)

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