Thanks in advance to all who like and share my blog posts throughout Lent and apologies in advance for not being around to share yours.

It will be weird not interacting with you all for a while, and it will probably seem like forever, but I’m determined to give it my best shot! Say hi in the comments on here occasionally, so I don’t feel completely out of the loop! 😉

Are you ‘giving up’ anything for Lent? I wish you lots of luck on your journey, if you are.

I look forward to celebrating with you on Easter Sunday 😊

Take care & happy reading!

Kerry x

10 thoughts on “#Lent #SocialMedia #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram #Fasting

  1. You are a brave woman – I couldn’t do that! I’m not giving up anything this year although I have given up chocolate or alcohol in the past. The problem with Lent is that it usually my birthday, my husband’s birthday, Mother’s Day and our Easter holiday so it’s even harder to be good! However, my girls are going veggie for Lent and I’m mostly joining them – apart from those special occasion dinners!

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    1. Brilliant, good luck to you all! Food and drink wise, I don’t have anything often enough for it to be a real challenge giving it up. I’m diabetic so I don’t have chocolate or anything like that anyway. This will be a massive challenge for me! I did break out in a cold sweat when I first decided to give it a go! Lol!

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