Family is an excellent read which has kept me very well entertained over the last few days. Losing myself in a book has always been my favourite hobby but given the state of world at present it’s more needed than ever. Losing myself in a book like Family, which is about as different to my life as you can possibly get (thankfully), has been good. I know many families are complicated, but to say the Glass family are dysfunctional would be a massive understatement! All they have known is a life of crime. How do you escape such a life once it has a firm grip on you?

Danny Glass is a terrifying character. The fear of him seems to control many, including some police officers who’s job it is supposed to be to protect people from psychopaths like Danny.

Luke Glass is a likeable character despite serving a seven year sentence for murder. He is released at the beginning of the book and he could not possibly be prepared for what life is going to throw at him next. Having said that he knows being Danny’s brother means he’s not likely to ever live a quiet life.

Their sister, Nina, is an understandably flawed character given how she was brought up. She’s quite fearless and I wondered how far her risks would get her.

I found the Glass family, and their stories, fascinating despite the horrific violence throughout. I was shocked by jaw dropping truths which are uncovered along the way.

This is a tense, hard hitting read full of dodgy characters, secrets, and lies with deadly consequences.

Brilliant writing. I loved it!

Many thanks to Owen Mullen for the ARC I won as part of a Giveaway.


happy reading 🙂

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