Final Clearance

By Mick Williams


Final Clearance is another excellent read by Mick Williams. I always know I’m in for a treat when I get to read one of his books and it was an even bigger treat to be able to read this book in advance of publication.

Brody Coulson works in a furniture shop, selling sofa’s and the like. When an extremely difficult, obnoxious customer visits the store shouting in Brody’s face about not being given the correct choice of potential colours for the sofa he recently purchased, Brody sees red and changes his life forever.

Now, Brody isn’t your typical murderer, whatever one of them is! I couldn’t help but like him. He proper cracked me up! This is an immensely entertaining read. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page.

When Brody’s neighbour goes missing, he takes on the responsibility of minding her 10-year-old son, Javier, until she is found. Javier is used to Brody as he sometimes hangs out at his place anyway, if his Mom isn’t home from work before he gets in from school. I love the relationship Brody and Javier share. It’s quite sweet. Considering everything else that’s going on in his life, Brody is determined to be there for Javier. However, things are far more complicated, and dangerous, than Brody could have ever imagined.

Brody kind of reminds me of a very amateur Dexter. I couldn’t help but like him either. He is much more amusing than Dexter though. (There are many a laugh out loud moment throughout this book.) They have the same morals in the sense that they only do away with bad guys (not that murder of any kind is acceptable of course!). No innocents though. Not on purpose anyway!

Brilliant characters, fast paced, violent but full of dark humour, friendship and a little bit of romance. I loved it!

I highly recommend!

**Many thanks to Mick Williams for my ARC**

Pre-order now!

happy reading!

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