Happy Box Set Publication Day, Mark Tilbury!

I have read, and loved, all of Mark Tilbury’s books. He is an outstanding writer! If you have never read his books before you have no idea what you’re missing out on. I’m thrilled to share the news that he has released two box sets for you all to enjoy! They are a right bargain too! Treat yourself, and/or friends and family….

The Mark Tilbury Thriller Box Set

Three dark, gripping and disturbing thrillers in one great value box set!

Praise for, The Last One To See Her:

‘I am a great fan of Twisted Tilbury and he does not disappoint. His super-hero talent (depending on what author cloak he happens to be writing in) is to inject new life into what can sometimes be an overpopulated genre, warranting a shiny five-star super-hero badge from me.’
5* from best-selling author, Jane E. James.

‘The Last One To See Her’ is superbly written but then I think that to be true of Mark’s work in general. He has one of those writing styles that is easy to take to and easy to get along with.’
5* from, Ginger Book Geek.

Praise for, A Prayer For The Broken:

‘It’s a powerful read with richly written characters that will touch you and stay with you long after you’ve finished it. There is evil lurking in these pages but it’s also a tale of friendship, resilience and determination.’
5* from, Suze Reviews.

‘I won’t go into any details, no spoilers, but this book is already at number one in my top ten books for 2021. It’s going to take a real corker to knock it from that spot. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Mark Tilbury, you’ve done it again. A MASSIVE five stars from me.’
5* from best-selling author, Anita Waller.

Praise for, Song Of The Psychopath:

‘To say I ‘enjoyed’ this book wouldn’t be the right term to use this time due to the central theme of the story. I rather enjoyed the thrill of the ride, the feelings, the stimuli, the sensations provoked by this book, the goose bumps erupting on my skin. It was like watching a horror movie from behind the safety of a cushion with your feet tucked well away in case there’s a monster under the bed.’
5* from, Relax and Read Reviews.

‘Some readers have compared the authors’ writing to Stephen King, personally I think even King would be hard pushed to come up with plots as dark and as twisted as Mark Tilbury’s. Highly recommended.’
5* from, The Book Review Cafe.

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The Mark Tilbury Supernatural Box Set

Three dark and disturbing supernatural thrillers, in one twisted box set!

Praise for, The Abattoir of Dreams:

‘It’ll horrify you, upset you, and hopefully open your eyes – at times the horror (of a very human kind) is relentless, but then again, perhaps it is in reality too, although we might like to think otherwise. It’s a book that once read cannot be forgotten, it’s a triumph for Tilbury and cements the fact that in reading his books, I’m on a journey with a very talented author.’
5* from best-seller supernatural thriller author, Shani Struthers.

‘Mark Tilbury has taken on a very dark and almost taboo subject and deftly created a story that deals with these issues sensitively and with compassion and the end result is a book that I honestly can’t recommend highly enough.’
5* from, The Haphazardous Hippo.

Praise for The Liar’s Promise:

‘Mark Tilbury is one seriously twisted author and I can not get enough of it! Dark and compelling, The Liar’s Promise is an intense and gripping read that readers will be unable to tear themselves away from.’
5* from By The Letter Book Reviews.

‘I am a massive fan of horror and I loved the fact that this story has that element about it with it being a supernatural thriller. But this book is more than just that. It is one very well crafted story full of twists and turns and moments that are actually rather warped. There is nothing not to like.’
5* from, Baker’s Not So Secret Blog.

Praise for The Key To Death’s Door:

‘Sometimes books need to examine the worst of people to explore just what drives us at our lowest moments. The Key to Death’s Door is about retribution, revenge and justice but it’s also about trust and love. This was the first book I’ve read by Mark Tilbury – it won’t be the last.’
5* from, Hair Past a Freckle

‘The writing is exquisite, creating a whole bystander experience of being there. This is an absolute cracking story, very graphic, extremely brutal and utterly gut wrenching. If you have a problem with violence in stories it isn’t for you. This though is Mark Tilbury at his best, he is better than any sugar rush and it stays much longer!’
5* from, Books From Dusk Till Dawn.

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happy reading!

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