The Path to the Sea

By Liz Fenwick

I won a signed paperback copy of The Path to the Sea a while ago now and it has been waiting patiently on my bookshelf. I am so glad I finally got to reading it.

This story takes place between the 3rd and 6th August and flits between 2018 and 1962. Set in the family home of Boskenna, on the Cornish coast, it is told from the perspectives of the three main characters, three generations of women. Joan is the eldest, mother to Diana and Grandmother to Lottie.

Diana and Lottie have returned to Boskenna as Joan is seriously ill and is not expected to live for much longer.

I found this an emotional and tense read from the beginning. I knew there were secrets to be discovered and I was as eager as Diana and Lottie to find out the truth. It was heart-wrenching seeing how Joan was spending her last days in turmoil though. There was obviously something serious weighing on her mind. No-one should have to die in so much pain, physical or emotional.

I had no clue as to where the story might lead and found myself swept along in the mystery.

I really enjoyed Joan’s chapters back in 1962. I could easily imagine the glamour of the parties she regularly hosted. The elegant gowns, the well thought out menus, the flowing alcohol, the music…. I never would have imagined how much of a deeper role she played at that time though and how that role would change her life forever.

Diana was a difficult character to like as an adult, although I did understand her. I empathised with her need for answers at the same time as facing the grief of losing her mother. A mother she feels like she hasn’t really known for so long.

Lottie is a likeable character. I warmed to her straight away and loved the relationship she shares with her grandmother and gramps. I enjoyed the relationships between the mothers and daughters which have been far from easy. They are fractured relationships which need mending, which will never be easy when secrets have been kept for so many years.

I loved the mystery, suspense, and the palpable emotion throughout this book. I felt completely invested in the story and the characters telling it. I very much recommend.

buy your copy….

happy reading!

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