Invisible Victim

by Mel Sherratt  

WOW! Invisible Victim is another awesome read by Mel Sherratt. I have loved everything she has written, and this book has been no exception. It’s quite different to most of her other books in a lot of ways but similar in the way of having real, believable characters and a storyline which will suck you in from page one making it quite unputdownable.

There is a kidnapper on the loose who seems to be targeting random women for no obvious reason. All, but one, have been released after ten days but have no recollection of where they have been, who had been holding them captive or why. When the fifth victim is a Stoke reporter, who had been following the stories of the previous women we start to learn more about the kidnapper and those kidnapped. I was engrossed. I felt every emotion of the poor woman locked away holding on to the hope of going home on day ten. Ten days must feel like years in that situation. Also, the uncertainty of even going home at all. I can’t even imagine. I couldn’t wait to find out why, what was making this person tick and what reasons/excuses they had for putting these women through such an ordeal.

Mel Sherratt knows how to write exceptional characters. Even the ones you’re not supposed to like I still often end up feeling for to a certain degree. This kidnapper’s back story is quite heart-breaking, which does not of course condone their adult behaviour. However, it does go some way to explaining why their mind works the way it does. It does raise the nature v nurture question too, which has always fascinated me.

I devoured this book, I absolutely loved it!

I most certainly recommend to anyone and everyone!


**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**


OUT 28TH JUNE 2021


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  1. I’m not familiar with this author but, wow, I will definitely have to change that.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! Great review!

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