One Must Die: How do you choose which of your sons should die?

by Mark Tilbury  


I honestly don’t know how Mark Tilbury does it but yet again he has created an unputdownable, dark, emotional, traumatic but compelling read.

One of my biggest fears, as a parent, has been the possibility of my children being kidnapped. It must be your worst nightmare come true. For Sean to have both of his sons taken by the same man, for reasons unbeknown to him, he is understandably terrified and feels he has no choice but to give in to the kidnapper’s demands in an effort to keep his boys safe. The things he asks him to do are just awful, but I could understand Sean’s need to do whatever he says, despite police advice to the contrary.

My heart went out to Sean and his boys. They share a close relationship, especially since the loss of the boy’s mother, Laura, in tragic circumstances. How much trauma can one family endure?

I love how the boys are as different as chalk and cheese. The bravery they show throughout their ordeal is exceptional, especially the older brother. What they are subjected to is nothing short of horrific and I was praying for them both throughout.

I love the relationship Sean shares with his father-in-law. He is a lovely character.

The kidnapper is one sick ba*tard! The boys aren’t his first victims either. All are linked in some way, but we don’t know how, and I was racing through the pages to find out what sick and twisted excuse he had for putting these people through such a horrendous ordeal. I did not see the twists in this story coming. Mark Tilbury knows how to surprise, shock, and horrify a reader! If you like your crime fiction dark and disturbing, then you will love this book.

This is one of those books that I thought about a lot when I wasn’t able to read it, wondering what might be coming next, and is most definitely one of those books that will stay with me for a long time to come.

All the stars from me, I highly recommend!

**Many thanks to Mark Tilbury for my advance review copy**

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