Dead Mercy (Maggie Jamieson thriller, Book 5)

by Noelle Holten

Dead Mercy is another excellent edition to the Maggie Jamieson series. I’m so glad I had this to read straight after finishing book 4!

I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series, and this has been no exception. I think each book gets better as the series progresses if that’s at all possible. I find myself quite invested in the main characters throughout a series I love, and Maggie Jamieson is one of my favourites.

This isn’t the easiest of reads due to the subject matter. There are some horrific scenes which must be horrendous for police officers to be faced with. There is also a much deeper, heart-wrenching story behind these seemingly random murders. A story which sadly highlights incidents which have occurred far too often in the real world. The psychology aspects of this story, and others like it, fascinate me.

I know I’m being vague. I could happily chat away about this book for ages, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I can’t recommend this book highly enough though. It ticks all the boxes for me from a crime/police procedural perspective. It is a chilling and emotional read. Relevant and thought-provoking.

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happy reading!

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