Critical Strike (Thrillerverse Events Book 1)

by James P. Sumner  

Wow, what a read this is!

If you love action, you will love this book. Fast-paced is an understatement.

James P Sumner’s books read like you’re watching a movie. I know that is his intention and he has absolutely nailed it! This book would be awesome on the big screen! There is so much going on, I was exhausted just reading it. How some of the characters do what they do I don’t know. It’s a good job they do, do what they do though otherwise the world they find themselves in would be left in a right sorry state. We all need a hero in our lives and there is more than one in this story.

Just brilliant!

Action packed and full of suspense. Plenty of shocks and surprises. I absolutely loved it!

An easy five stars for me.

Many thanks to James P. Sumner for my review copy.

Treat yourself….

Merry Christmas & happy reading! 🙂

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